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legomadman1's avatar
This looks cool as hell! Gives a hella strong Alita vibe
osmagination's avatar
Esta aí, está com cara de quem acabou de..., ou vai começar a....
Paiami's avatar
I love your style. It's like in between realism and cartoon. <3
Maroviher's avatar
HausOfMango's avatar
All I can say is...... WOW :O Amazing work!!!!!! <3
deciwanders's avatar
love your works! you use different brushes for every piece, but each one is still amazing! :D
Ir3R's avatar
amazing Love 
kennethochoa's avatar
i don't know how you show your love  but you do thank you 
LauranneSM's avatar
I'm just seeing all you did and i have to do a question, if it's not a inconvenience... what type of brushes do you use? I see like grunge textures, but i love the way skin have brights, and the imperfection of the hair (the movement)
Very good job, my congratulations Clap Clap 
MelodyGlow's avatar
he released a brush pack some time ago, the hair edges were blurred- probably motion blur.
hope this helps!
LauranneSM's avatar
Where is this brush pack? i can't find it :( (Sad) 
Anyway thanks for the information ^^
MelodyGlow's avatar
the brush pack is only for the patreon followers
tho, there is a speedpaint- you can see for yourself!

hope this helps!
LauranneSM's avatar
thanks, maybe some day i'll make a patreon account, i heard it's useful for selling
thanks for the video too, it's interesting!
MelodyGlow's avatar
thank you!
i'm glad!
NicoleYunet's avatar
I love so much the realism you always add to everything... Gorgeus.
j0llyj0kker's avatar
the lack of focus on the hand is unreal, you are a great artist
REDvsBLUE2007's avatar
The subject, of course, has a very clean and obvious beauty, but I'm actually in love with how graceful the lines in her hand are. This is an amazing piece.
FAYAKAMA's avatar
Beautiful expression of the eyes in the picture. Thank you MLP:Evil fluttershy 
khmania's avatar
However do you achieve that super realistic effect I may never know, but one thing for sure you are talented to no end. :)
All of your art is so inspiring to me personally as I have a hobby redrawing cartoons to look more realistic.
Hoooowwwl's avatar
This is incredible. Amazing job!
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