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Ghost in the Shell Teaser Visual

A teaser visual I’ve done for the new Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 animated series on which I am working as character designer (and couple of other roles I can’t talk about yet haha)!✨
New series directed by an awesome Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki will be released on Netflix worldwide in April, so please look forward to it! 🎶
You can also check out new and long teaser trailer here:
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Jan 27, 2020, 12:08:14 PM
© 2020 - 2021 Kuvshinov-Ilya
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Oh por Glob!!! Cuando ví la portada en Netflix ( que fue recientemente) dije: ese diseño se parece a Ilya... Estoy segura reconocería ese estilo en dónde fuera!!!

Sabía que no podía equivocarme, y Glob!! No me equivoqué, me alegro mucho, que estés creciendo tanto. Soy tu fan! Amo a tus chicas de cabello morado, me tienen enamorada!
Un saludo y muy buenas vibras. ❤️
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OMG me paso justo lo mismo y me emociono por IIya

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The comments section on the youtube is a bloodbath for the design and animation.
So long as you do better then the horrid live action, the fans will grow to like it eventually.
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Congratulations! Looking amazing.
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Is this a standalone series or do you need to watch the old anime too?

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Yes, its getting a remake in anime soon
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Oh my, when I saw your design I was like "yeah awesome one of all time favorite anime !!!"

Plus your design is really beautiful.

The trailer ? Oh my god it's bad. It's 3D at it's worst so to speak.

Maybe the show will prove me wrong, I hope so :)

Cheers !

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Not going to lie, the first teaser had me very worry, when I saw it, the only part I loved was seen the Major in your style, but nothing else...until this trailer drops and blow my mind, I hardly cant wait now for this show.
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I hope the writing is as good as your art!
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Thats amazing, can't wait to see you're work in action, so to speak! =D
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i love your visual, i'm sad to see in french site a lot of people spit on this new Netflix series, and Bullying me because i like this one and the last saint seiya ... *sigh* 
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Im right there with ya!
Theres a small vocal group of old Ghost in the Shell fans that hate every thing post Stand Alone Complex. 
After seeing the trailer, and community feedback being mostly positive, Ive pretty high hopes that this will be what puts the series back in the spotlight! 
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Ah but they are NOT fans of Ghost in the Shell. Fanaticism, by definition, means that you do not use your critical judgement. You see something that sucks, but since you know it's got the same brand name as something you love, you overlook all the flaws. That's what it means to be a fan. A true fanatic would eat literal shit if it came from someone he loves. 

Congratulations, fan. Eat the slop before the slaughter, FAN.

Also, step outside of Ilya's hugbox, you will see that the feedback is about 50% negative, EVEN COMING FROM THE JAPANESE, with hundreds of posts comparing the trailer to PS2 graphics. Ironically, the PS1 ghost in the shell games had gorgeous cutscenes compared to this.
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Totally agree, couldn't say better !

I really loooove the original SAC, and that doesn't mean I can't express my disappointment about the 3D crap.

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What's your problem? 

I'm sorry if I offended you earlier. I really did like your artwork of Motoko you posted. 
But you've just been really nasty to many people here in the comments. 

It's alright if your upset or don't like things the way they are. 
You should have that opportunity to voice your concerns.
But please dont be rude to people and act like your opinion is better than every one else's.

I hope you are able to get over what ever your going through. 
Take care ^^
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Sorry, I flew off the handle, I tend to do that when I see people use the term "fan" to describe critical people even though it literally means the opposite, I shouldn't have called you a fan without knowing for sure if you were one. 

I can see why you feel that I'm acting like my opinion is better than everyone else's, but that's probably because you thought that almost everyone reacted positively to this new series. In fact, it's very divisive, I've seen tons of people express the same opinion as me on other websites, so I have no reason to act like my opinion is better than theirs, since it's the same one.
Deviantart is the type of website where people rarely express negativity (even when they should), and I'm addressing many comments, so I can see why it seems like I'm setting myself up above everyone else. But that's not my intent, I'm only trying to go after people who are wrong, which is roughly 50% of people, a pretty modest figure all things considered.

Don't you worry, I'm in the process of getting over it, by getting into huge internet fights, it's very cathartic. 
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God I love Ghost in the Shell!
Great job, and it's great to see Makoto in your art style! 
Nailed it!
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The coloring is admirable, it shows the experience in each stroke, great work

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Surprising, it will surely be another one of my favorite Netflix series.
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