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Color Correction Methods

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Here's my second tutorial, and I was able to do it only thanks to my awesome Patreon supporters! <3

Hope it's helpful!

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Well, I´ll say I think the left ones look a lot better, especially in the second one and the last one
SymmetricalOasis's avatar… I used a little bit of these techniques here :D Thanks for the tut!
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Wow, I feel like trying the first one immediately!!! Thanks for sharing, it's comforting to know that accomplished artists also have some mundane struggles like those LOL
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Thanks, I never knew the power of selective color adjustment! whee fun playing with sliders =D
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ooo looks helpful, ill be sure to check it out :D
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Very nice stuff, I really like it. You've done a great job, keep up the awesome work : )
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Oh thanks for making this! It's very usefull and I love so much the colors of your illustrations.
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Thanks for sharing!
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u have more tutorials without $ (?) 
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no because they arent like other artists that will provide tutorials for free 
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Thank you so muchhh!
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Thanks for the useful info :D
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can't wait to use this!
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You are changing my life right now. I love you so much.. You are my goals. T____T
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wooAhhh...its so useful to me. :)
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Excellent! Thanks!
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Nice. Not sure it is a colour correcting tutorial, more of a colour experimenting guide. My most useful colour correcting algorithm is what I do to photos where the white balance is off:
Duplicate layer of main pic, then select blur > average.
Go to adjustment > Invert.
Select blending mode to colour.
Push opacity down until the white balance is desired.
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Whoa this is really helpful!
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