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Chromatic Aberration Tutorial

Here's my very first tutorial, and I was able to do it only thanks to my awesome Patreon supporters! <3

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0ZYMANDlAS's avatar
>tfw medibang paint has a chromatic aberration filter built in
b-emoji-lol's avatar
where is it please tell me
Sasplayer's avatar
this is really useful 
finally found it T - T
carminebanana's avatar
i been searching for this man
Khushi-1428's avatar
THANKS! <333
cadette100's avatar
make youtube videos 
DDaNBaZZ's avatar
Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful Chromatic Aberration tutorial. :)
morgyuk's avatar
thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ShadowDee's avatar
Awesome! Was really nice to read through :D
Keep it up ;)
nachoskate's avatar
i love this *.*
carlfabon's avatar
thanks for this awesome tutorial :)
anime-gal's avatar
this is truely a cool trick! thanks so much for sharing! :heart:
xrsjaru's avatar
I look forward to playing around with this, thanks! :D
DustbunnyPictures's avatar
I always wondered what this technique was, i see it used all over.  Now I know. Thank you for sharing.
DomyDA's avatar
Thank you very much, finally I can do it! :D
13irthday's avatar
thanks for this nice tutorial! I've been wandering what kind of technique or method was used to achieve that, at first I thought it was blur but the color was slightly distorted so I still can't do it, now I can thanks to this Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
HDDRAW's avatar
Okay thank you :)
aernath's avatar
Oh so that's how you do it! Thanks a lot! ^^
I like your artwork, but I hate this aberration thing. I can't enjoy your work and your cuties, because i get a headache. It hurts my eyes! It's like this cheap russian and asian cameras with bad uncorrected linses. Ok, it's a real physical problem of linses, but not necessary in artwork... It would be better, you present us two versions of your artwork: with and without. :-)
Zgann's avatar
thanks for the advice!!!awesome!
ChanelAthena's avatar
Yay been wanting to learn how to do this! I tried recently and it worked great, thanks for the tut (✿ ♥‿♥)
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