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Blade Runner Rachel

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Perfection V33/V330
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Purchased the Full HD version. Thank you :)

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Dunno if you still visit the sight, but I would like to purchase this and support your work, but I didn't see this one in any of your shops. Is there a link where I can buy this as a print?

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Hi, I'm building a radio channel on Youtube, and I'm wondering if you would like to be featured with this image as the background. We would credit you. Its good exposure. :)

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Signed in to Deviantart for the first time in years to tell you how jaw dropping AMAZING this looks. I found an edit that gave it a purple turquoise filter that looks rad. Cyberpunk forever~
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The best replica ever.   Han Solo Salute 
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You should do one on Marla Singer from Fight Club.
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I love the lightening!
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Josuke Hiashikata? (JJBA)
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yup, rule 63 version of him lol
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I would love to purchase a hi-res version to make a print for myself.  Please send me a message if you're open to this!
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Fantastic piece. Love the coloring. And you got the reflection in the iris right. 
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This is absolutely AMAZING!!! OMG!!!
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And what can I do with this if I purchase it from deviant art?
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Her eyes is not green
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More human than human.
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A.b.s.o.l.u.t.l.y.... absolutly wonderFULL!!!!!

I am a Blade Runner-Fan...scince i came out of the Cinema in Winter 1982... crying... "Tears in the Snow"... just BECAUSE that Line Rudger created for his "final Scene"!

Rachel... uuuh; "normally" i DON'T fall in Love with Actresses, but... THIS time... i DID.
She had this... but, how will someone describe MAGIC?

What u have created HERE, is a stunning, beautiful Image... kinda "MANGA"-Style... but, that's a Q of Taste....

For me it's a... Souvenier... SOOO NICE... that i immediatly printed it, framed it, and...;
it joined my "Blade Runner-Wall" above my Synthesizers [i make Music... btw 💥] in my little Home-Recording-Studio.

B.I.G. Thanx Companero!!!!!!
And... enjoy "Blade Runner 2049" in your Cinema! 😎

Greetz from Germany,
Factorinskij [a.k.a. Cosmo NoMAD]

💥 P.S.: i composed kinda "Hommage to Blade Runner" called "NeXuS VI".....
If you like to... (is it aloud to post Links here?)... you can listen to it on SoundCLOUD:…

Enjoy!!....... and keep on creating such grreat Images!
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Like a puffy dream :D
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I really love this. The use of smoke and how the light plays off it and the character is great. I've seen the original image of this, and I think you did a great job in upping the contrast between the lights and darks to give the character more depth.
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It's artificial isn't it?
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