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The World of Azeroth



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Here is a modern style map of the world of Azeroth. The exact global position of the landmass is not known. Some maps (and globes within the World of Warcraft game) show the continents stretching across the globe from north to south. The assumption here, however, is based on the evidence that Pandaria and the South Seas, Southern Kalimdor and Southern Eastern Kingdoms must be near the equator, because most of these territories have desert and tropical a climate with exceptions of course and likewise, we know that Northrend is near the north pole. Based on this assumption, which of course is kind of an artistic licence, we can determine the distances and see for instance, that the Azeroth region in the EK is 2000 km across, which is like the distance from Bordeaux to Stockholm.

Constructive criticism and discussion especially on this point, is welcome.
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Great work.

Criticism welcomed?

I guess the author wont readit, this account seems to be 4 years forsaken.

But at least if someone wanna do another map..

Constructive criticism:

Having a region of jungle between 2 deserts in the northern hemisphere looks nonsense.

So I think Feralas and Dustwallow should be in the equator and from silithus to Tanaris in the southern hemisphere.

As the deserts in Kalimdor and EK are in the E, opposite to our planet, that means this planet rotats oposite ot our planet, to the

W, and wet winds go to E. So it doesnt have sense that the plains of Pandaria are on W.

Pandaria should be turned, for me the most logic orientations are

Plains E, Krasarang equator, Jade W, Mount S