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The World of Azeroth

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Here is a modern style map of the world of Azeroth. The exact global position of the landmass is not known. Some maps (and globes within the World of Warcraft game) show the continents stretching across the globe from north to south. The assumption here, however, is based on the evidence that Pandaria and the South Seas, Southern Kalimdor and Southern Eastern Kingdoms must be near the equator, because most of these territories have desert and tropical a climate with exceptions of course and likewise, we know that Northrend is near the north pole. Based on this assumption, which of course is kind of an artistic licence, we can determine the distances and see for instance, that the Azeroth region in the EK is 2000 km across, which is like the distance from Bordeaux to Stockholm.

Constructive criticism and discussion especially on this point, is welcome.
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What an awesome map!

How is Azeroth 2000 km across? It doesn't even come close? Am I reading this map wrong?

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This is great! It's been about 8 years since I've played WoW, but I'm getting many positive flashbacks right now from this XD ahhh, good times!
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Have you ever seen this set of maps, quite astonishing actually.…
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This looks fantastic! You should enable prints on this.
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Don't get me wrong, I love ''Blizzard'' and ''World of Warcraft'' to death, but... some things irk me. Manticores being called ''wyverns'', trolls(a creature of Scandinavian/Norse mythology) being voodoo worshippers with Caribbean accents, who build Mayincatek pyramids with mummies inside, Nagas resembling merfolk(which the franchise lacks), the list goes on... I would like a fantasy world based on ours. Six continents inspired by Europe, Asia, Australia/Oceania, the Americas, Africa and Arctica. Each continent will be inhabited by civillisations and creatures from respective mythologies(Arctica will be home to Inuits and Vikings). Also, some of the creature classification is weird, though fortunately it has improved with newer expansion packs and patches.
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I also thought the trolls were odd. I guess they were trying to give a more unique take on trolls or something.
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you could say Blizzard trolled you, but I think I'm the only one cracking such bad puns
I never played WoW myself so I have no idea about its geography and politics, but does that mean Azeroth is just an archipelago (group of islands) on a much much bigger world/planet?
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No, usually the globes show the two continents covering the globe from north to south and across east and west. This is an artist's impression, in which I tried to make it so that while the northern areas (northrend, winterspring, lordaeron) are in the northern (cold) hemipshere, the southern areas (stranglethorn jungle, south seas tropical islands, pandaria tropical, tanaris desert etc) is in the warm equatorial area (hot). According to this then, the southern hemisphere is either empty or undiscovered, as is the "back" of the planet, the forbidding sea.  
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How would I go about getting a print of this?
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Will you make this available for purchase?
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Unfortunately, no.
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YES!  Your version has Kul Tiras!
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Pity that they MOVED IT...
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Very well done! Given the facts from the game, this seem to be a pretty accurate extrapolation. +fav 
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This world map is a real masterpiece. Have you ever done something like this for Outland?
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