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Alternate Cold War 1960 - Europe Political

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This is part of the same alternative historical timeline as this one: Alternative Cold War: Soviet Empire 1960. See also: Alternate Cold War 1960 - Cold War in Europe

EDIT 16.04.2017: Fixed "Lybia"- "Libya"; edited paper layer and revised margins.
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You know, apart from the fact how more of Europe is under totalitarian thumb, the world doesn't look so bad in terms of borders. Apparently there was less ethnic cleansing of Germans in the east after the war, there is an independent Kurdistan, Azerbaijan is united (if under the USSR)

All in all, a very well done map, nice job!
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KuusinenHobbyist Digital Artist
I agree that these borders are quite nice. Don't worry about the totalitarians, they're going to collapse eventually. 
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PowerglideHobbyist Photographer
The Cyprus quesion is unresolved: what's it's status?
Not of Britain or Turkish colour, has no capital, so not independent either...
And yet on "Map 2: Cold war in Europe..." Cyprus is marked as a 3rd world country.

Tell me about Cyprus.
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KuusinenHobbyist Digital Artist
Well spotted. Cyprus as independent, and I frankly have forgot to put the capital there. Cyprus has followed the historical trajectory, even though Greece is communist. In the other map, if you look closely, Cyprus is not coloured as a third world country, but a U.S ally.
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how long does it take you to make this?
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KuusinenHobbyist Digital Artist
Well i dont remember how long this one took, probably something 10-20 hours all together
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D-OkhapkinHobbyist Artist
Why in the Balkan federation, besides Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Albania, are not included Romania and Greece?
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KuusinenHobbyist Digital Artist
Greece wants to join and has been in an accession process, but this has been halted by the Soviets, who enjoy significant influence in Greece. Stalin is naturally opposed to the Balkan Federation and titoism... so he will do his best to stop it from expanding. Him having influence in Greece means he can halt the process. As for Romania, while that country is tightly a Soviet puppet it opposes Titosim and the Balkan Federation, and even if they wanted to join, Stalin would not let them.
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D-OkhapkinHobbyist Artist
Now it is clear. Simply, I was reading an article in Wikipedia about the Balkan federation, and there has been written about the so-called variant '' Expanded Balkan Federation ", including Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Albania.
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Isn't Gibraltar British? I'm so pedantic, LMAO.

East Germany is actually an eastern part of Germany here, unlike what was in history.

What is Finnmark administratively-wise? A Soviet Republic?

Tyrol Bavarian, Trieste still Italian, South Tyrol, Elsass and Eupen not reunited with Germany, Greater Armenia and Azerbaijan, independent Cyprus, the Straights finally Russian... So many references.

And what did you use to make this image?
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KuusinenHobbyist Digital Artist
I used GIMP and Inkcape to make this image. Finnmark is an oblast of the RSFSR. As for Gibraltar, I must admit i forgot to mark it specifically into the map that it belongs to the UK. I see no reason why they should lose Gibraltar. Thank you for pointing out the mistake. 
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Looks quite nice.

But I think Czechoclovakia should have shown its inner border just like the Soviet Union and Balkania.
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SamogostHobbyist General Artist
Why Norway lost Finnmark?
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ClearanceClarenceHobbyist Digital Artist
Probably because the Norwegian defence is almost non-existent. If Russia wanted they could almost go all the way to Trondheim without encountering any sizeable resistance :) 
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MacX85Professional Digital Artist
damn, East Germany is really North Germany. Looks like my Grandma didn't have to flee from Stettin afterall
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Well there has historically always been a stronger north-south divide in Germany than east-west.

I guess given the millions of refugees not bolstering the population of West Germany both should be more equal in relative strength. Of course the cost of integration of the refugees falls away in the beginning.
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*tear flows down eye

Poland can into not communist.
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I really like this alternate history work; its so well detailed and interesting :nod:

Keep these up :clap:
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KuusinenHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, glad you like it :)
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You're very welcome ! :D

Of course ! It's a very good made althistory :nod:
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Excellent map.
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Fantastic map!

Seems Germany as a whole came of much better here.

The real winner seems to be the UDSSR though. Constantinople? A long held dream of some Russian, but Kurdistan? Poor Turkey!
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