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Cloud Painting Tutorial in SAI

EDIT the brush is not called scatter, but spread xD

fast tutorial on clouds like the ones in here:

same method here but with more blur:

similar process, but with the clouds on a separate layer instead of the same layer + using round and flat brushes:

;-; my first tutorial hope it's okay.

I personally don't like reading tutorials much, I can only follow through half of them most of the time, especially cloud ones. So I hope this can be easy to understand and follow ;u; and moreover easy to do!
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Thank you so much for this! Really helped me a ton!
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Used here: Nought
This is the most useful cloud tutorial I've ever seen, thank you ^.^
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This clouds looks very nice, but quiet strange that mouse can cause this, but with wacom, nothing.

Still thanks
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This was super useful, but I did have a problem with the texture -- the "spread" texture on my Sai is DEFINITELY not the same as yours. I was able to figure it out and use your technique with a different texture, though, so thank you :)
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it's awesome1 Thank you ♥
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Thank you for this beautiful yet simple tutorial... I also tried using the same technique in Photoshop and it's working too. Finally I can draw good clouds!
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whoa! Thanks for this tutorial, I made some nice clouds now :DD
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glad it helped C:
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you just put my thoughts into this tutorial)
here`s my painting of a walrus with some clouds on the backstage…
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nice~it works with your style very well (:
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Cool tutorial ! :D
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This is soooo helpful ! Thankyou so much! 
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This is awesome! I've got to try this sometime!!! Thanks so much for making!
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glad it helped!!
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wow! good tutorial!
the cloud... really awesome! *Q*
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thanks, it helps me ;u;
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hello! I've been looking for this too long, and finally! ; v ;
i wanted to ask you something: since I use SAI tool , the last step (important for me) , that "sharpen" thing... can be done with SAI? i have photoshop too but don't use it, so where I can find that tool? it's easy to use?

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hmm I haven't tried to look for a method in SAI my self but it might work if you take a small fine brush and draw a lighter (white-ish) border around the highlight areas to make it look sharper?
or play with the contrast?
sorry that's all I can think of ^^
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thank you for answering :> have a good day!
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helpful! very helpful! <3
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glad it helped ^^
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wow!. nicely done thanks a lot!
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