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Haruka //7 by mxlk Haruka //7 :iconmxlk:mxlk 161 19 just by mxlk just :iconmxlk:mxlk 52 7 LiEAt by mxlk LiEAt :iconmxlk:mxlk 418 27 You're ZETTA slow! by AuroraAkkaris You're ZETTA slow! :iconauroraakkaris:AuroraAkkaris 33 4 Suzuya Juuzou by AuroraAkkaris Suzuya Juuzou :iconauroraakkaris:AuroraAkkaris 31 16 Good student by AuroraAkkaris Good student :iconauroraakkaris:AuroraAkkaris 23 6 Render anime 26 by karenpa Render anime 26 :iconkarenpa:karenpa 82 6 Oz Vessalius Render by Arimaie Oz Vessalius Render :iconarimaie:Arimaie 26 1 Hermosas~ by xMissOMG Hermosas~ :iconxmissomg:xMissOMG 108 9 Hermosos~ by xMissOMG Hermosos~ :iconxmissomg:xMissOMG 68 3
Sweet [Yandere!Amaimon X Reader]
Everywhere. Literally.

       They lined up all along the shop's window, throwing out temptations you knew would be hard to dodge. It wasn’t hard, per say, for you. But your friend had taken such a liking to it that whenever you passed by he would tell you to buy him a little. which on your part bit out a chunk of your paycheck. It wasn’t like you didn’t like to buy it, hell you snuck some of the delicious sweets from your friend once and almost came to understand why he loved it so much, but not enough to blow all your cash.
       The same small candy store filled with the mouth watering chocolates was coming up, your demon friend bordely strolling behind you with his hands shoved in his odd clothing pockets. You silently hoped he wouldn’t notice the street you treaded on , hand gripping the brown , leather strap of your school bag. So far so good, it was coming up on your left. Almost past. You
:iconastiin:Astiin 26 1
TWO by TripleDevour TWO :icontripledevour:TripleDevour 4 0 Melting by starz300 Melting :iconstarz300:starz300 5 0 Angry SCP guard mom reference by morganbeatsall Angry SCP guard mom reference :iconmorganbeatsall:morganbeatsall 18 9
(Drunk!Makoto x Reader COLLEGE AU) Maneki-Neko
(Idk if I'm making this a genuine series, I guess if people like it-- other than that, I received a prompt from anonymous: 'Reader finishes studying and finds Makoto drunk and running around campus chasing after a cat.) 
You yawned, rubbing your eyes full of tiredness as the library doors slammed shut behind you. It was 3 AM, but regardless of the time, you had studied your ass off for your AP Calculus midterm this week and were determined to get that A. 
"SOMEONE CATCH THAT CAT! AAAA!" A small, furry creature ran past you and around your legs, finding refuge between your legs. Looking down, you met eyes with a small kitten who mewled at you, snuggling against your jean leg. The tall figure who you assumed was the one screeching skidded to a stop in front of you, pointing to the small creature. "LET ME PET YOU." 
"Uh, are you okay?" You rose an eyebrow at the man, stumbling and struggling to keep his balance. He ran a hand through his hair, messing his hair up even more.
:iconnanaseii:Nanaseii 190 26
Looking through - Ib - Garry x Ib by Lelecat
Mature content
Looking through - Ib - Garry x Ib :iconlelecat:Lelecat 198 146



☣ ~His compassion was simply intoxicating~ ☣
His affection was mildly pulsating
His discretion was merely aggravating,
His aggression was undoubtedly dominating,
His confession was undeniably fascinating,
His possession was indisputably captivating,
His obsession was incomprehensibly devastating,
His progression was unquestionably intimidating,
His expression was indecently nauseating,
His depression was eventually alternating into manic depression.

Problematically, this irritating question was interrogating my privacy,

"Do you love me?"

Theoretically, I was concentrating on repossession in which I advise,

"I despise you."

Consequently, I was stimulating transgression towards myself,

"Do you resent me?"

Coincidentally, I was vacillating due to apprehension affecting my health,

"I begrudge you."

Hypothetically, my retorts indicated veneration,

"Allow me to remind you,
You're confined by chains,
Restrained to an isolated room,
Refrained from all social connections;
You're basically deceased to humanity."

Ruthlessly, I struggle and bellow in desperation,

"Allow me to remind you,
You're constrained by insanity,
Governed to suffer an Mental Disorder,
Detained from all sane connections;
You're practically deceased to mortality!"

Disgracefully, he snuggles into me and informs in frustration,

"You do realize,
I have won this game of chess,
I am considered the righteous King,
You will shortly accept me and become my beloved Queen..."

Disdainfully, he reeks of the Gas Station,


Distastefully, he eerily seeks to take advantage of my prostration,
Frantically, he spine-chillingly keeps himself back with temptation,
Unfortunately, he unnervingly creeps away from the location.


Pitifully, I suffer from starvation and dehydration,
No proffer of salvation as far as I am concerned,
I impatiently await predation as I learn that this death is leisured,
Discerning no escaping from this apprehension as I have severed everything I treasured,

☣~I shall hopelessly observe his intoxicating compassion cause my hell-bent world to fall into obliteration~☣


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Kuudere Kurayami Kurosawa
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🔯~ サディスティック, 自虐的な, 自己陶酔的な! 鎖, 痛み, 精神的に非常識! Do you desire to participate in this drastically hazardous game with 'us' deranged Prisoners? We never intentionally play fair my beloved Reader-sama~🔯


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