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Secret Spooky Art Exchange

My entry for Halloween Ghost  :iconspookyartexchange: Halloween Ghost 
Yaaaaay!! Pumpkin La 
I was chosen by witches and ghosts to give my spooky present to :iconleepine:
Hope you like it! It was a really interesting theme to draw! I heard a lot about Dark Souls, but unfortunately I didn't play this game myself. Artorias looks so cool! Ah! I'm not sure that I was able to capture him good enough, but I tried! Loved him! Happy Halloween!! *Free Icon/Emote* Halloween Pusheen 
This is Halloween This is Halloween This is Halloween This is Halloween This is Halloween This is Halloween This is Halloween This is Halloween This is Halloween 
Character - Artorias the Abysswalker (and also Sif) from game Dark Souls
materials: watercolor, white and black ink
you find see a photo in a progress here…
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Hello! This is a wonderful piece. Everything is great, from the colours to the pose to the line art. Great work!

А это настоящий Бладборн! Пф, да у вас даже круче )) 
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Excellent! Masterful watercolor painting.
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Hi! Buyed your poster at Fanexpo. Nice work! As a big fan of Dark Souls I want to tell that Artorias looks very powerful and impressive. Especially when he is hanging on the wall :D. Thanks for your art
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Привет))) Я так рада, что понравилось!! ^____^ Вам спасибо, что купили!
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OMG that is amazing love it!
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I remember seeing this pic on Tumblr and I liked it so much, I set it as my phone's background + lock screen for a couple weeks (hope you don't mind). Then, when my boyfriend saw it, he told me "hey, this guy's from Dark Souls". So I looked it up and started checking up more Dark Souls art, and I became very interested, and then went on to playing the games. So we could say your picture got me into Dark Souls HAHAHAHA seriously though, great work! The level of detail is simply amazing! Love 
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Ah!! I'm so happy! Such a great story! Thank you for telling it to me! :hug: I'm honored, that my art got you into Dark Souls! Really!
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You're very welcome! :heart: 
I want to buy this
I've been seeing a lot of advertisements on Facebook for the "TeeChip" company using artwork like yours, and I'm wondering if they legitimately licensed it from you or just stole it:
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Wow O_O It was stolen D= Could you please give me a link to that site? I would like to discuss it with a person, who did it. Thank you for telling me!… - That's where the Facebook ad linked to.
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Is it still there?! O__O
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Heya! I just wanted to let you know that I still see it up there : <. Maybe you should file a DCMA report to have it taken down!
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Arrrrggghh!! They are #@$@&!!! I have sent DCMA report and they said, that it was taken down. I will resend it again!
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: < It's awful that they won't take it down! I don't know what's wrong with that website : / Art thieves are just terrible!
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Wow, it looks incredible! Amazing :)
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Amazingly done!
Awesome work, dude! :D
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