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I take part in inktober challenge this year. This girl was drawn for day 4. I wanted to draw inktober during several year but I had no time.. I'm still out of time.. but I want it so badly! So this year I'll do it! :la:
I post my inktober drawings on tumblr Chek it if you want to see them!

This girl is my new OC. Haven't submit drawing of her yet. She has handsome twin brother, I'm going to draw him during inktober too!
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I know that I'm "late to the party" here, but I just love the strong lines and contrast here!
B&W suits you just as well as your gorgeous watercolour illustrations!
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Thank you very much! I love drawing with ink! I think I should draw inktober this year too =D
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Beautiful! I love her smile and hair!
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Eeeh she looks like my OC too ^^
Nice drawing !
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Your ink work is amazing! Another technique you do very well. Congrats.
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Thank you! Glad you like it!
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Phenomenal. I love her braid and fur lined cloak
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I am amazed.  the lines, the shades and the unique clothing is just beautiful. And This character interests me so dang much. I wish there is a story of her.
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Thank you! I'm glad you like her!
Her name is Jehanna. I'll add some info about her on my page after finishing more images of her and her brother.……
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I absolutely adore the style!
The inking and fantasy style are beautiful, as is she!
She actually looks like a female version of my male High Elf, Grey Elf DnD OC! xD 
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Thank you!
Really? It would be interesting to see him!
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It's my pleasure~
Kinda, yeah~ Well, he certainly wears a robe and wields a dagger for short-range self defense, and she has the very long white hair and
elegant features that remind me of him who I also originally made in my ten elemental elves kind of thing, only his 'kind' I named
'Pureblood Elves' had pointy down ears originally but changed it to normal to use in DnD. 

I've made a new version of my 'Types of Elves' piece and started drawing him which I will gladly show you once I've finished! ^^ 
Thank you for your interest! >u< 
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It would be really interesting to see him! I love elves! Especially the dark ones <3
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Elves are awesome, I do agree~ xD <3
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I'm looking forward to seeing the brother, too. :)
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Thank you!
Here he is =)
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Wow! What a fantastic inktober art.  Interested to see how her handsome twin brother looks like!
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Thank you!!
Here he is ^^
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Your welcome! Ohh cool! That's quite a unique hairstyle he's sporting there. His armor looks interesting too. :)
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Thank you!! ^^ Glad you like him!
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