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Improvement Meme 2003-2019

By Kutty-Sark
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Soooo... I finally decided to make it XD Sorry for my english. I hope all is understandable X)

It was really fun to search thru the old drawings X) Some of them was like "I really drew it? =D Lol! I don't remember! XD"

Have fun! :dummy:


2013 and 2014 year added =D Wow... It was a long way starting from the beginning. And even longer way wait's for me in future! \*u*/ I'll try my best.

Yay! Have fun! :la:

+1 year!

Making this is already a tradition like decorating a Xmas tree XD

15 years meme @_@ Can you believe it?

I edit this meme every year and this year wasn't an exception. This improvement meme is really important for me because sometimes you can't see much improvement looking through the past year or two. But a look at all these years shows, what a long way I passed and give me the motivation to move further.

I'm not going to stop! ^^/

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I really like seeing your art go from cure to excellent over the years. Clap :squee: 
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Amazing Progress

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Love this meme cuz' it shows so well that great art and artist come from years of work and dedication! 

I wish you a wonderful year 2020 :)
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Hello again! Another yearly comment! I enjoy seeing your original art and commissions, as well as your fan art~~ I definitely loved the Witch Senshi series this year~
ReverseImpossible's avatar
Happy New Year! Beautiful work :D
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Wow! I'd like to improve like that! Beautiful!
Daisy-Todd-Draws's avatar
Woaaah~!!! That's super cool to see your improvement over nearly 20 years <3

Also eee that really old lady with the crazy hair in 2018 made it in - that was the piece that I found your work through! <3
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That's crazy. And thank you for sharing 
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Very nice! Really cool to see the progression over the years.
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So motivationnal!
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I always look forward to seeing this from you each year. I'm always pulled towards your own character with the pink hair that comes in two points, in years 2008, 2009, and 2010. 

Here's to another year of learning and art!
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Oh, I didn't draw her for a such a long time... I had to draw her again!
She also was in year 2012
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Damn, amazing improvement.
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your art is beutifule :)
Kutty-Sark's avatar
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I just realized that one of your 2013 artworks made it in to my faves back then. I only realized now, that it's from you.
Rediscovered your art lately and absolutely love it!
Kutty-Sark's avatar
I'm so glad to read it! \+U+/
Ucandothat2's avatar
So cool! I wished much more People would do that :D
Kutty-Sark's avatar
Thanks! I wish so too! I would be really interesting to see other's progress.
Ucandothat2's avatar
Some day I hopefully will or can do the same :D
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Круто очень. Llama Emoji-04 (Pretty) [V1]  Интересно наблюдать за таким длинным прогрессом.
Я вроде все свои уничтожила давным давно, теперь даже немного жаль. Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3]  
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По-моему старые работы очень ценны тем, что напоминают о пройденном пути и о том, сколько всего еще ждет впереди! Глядя только на текущие работы совсем не замечаешь прогресса и временами это удручает настолько, что теряешь мотивацию двигаться дальше.
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