Requiem for a Tree

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Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash had the best relationship in all of Equestria. They were indeed the best of friends; they showed what it meant about friendship being magic.
"HEEELLLLPP!" Yelled Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash heard it from the skies above. She rushed down to see what happened. "Fluttershy, what happened?" said Rainbow Dash.  "Save the animals!" said Fluttershy. Fluttershy looked up and saw a big forest fire followed by a demon. Everything he passed turned centuries old. "S-save th-them please Rainbow Dash." Fluttershy barely got out of her mouth. Rainbow Dash didn't see the figure. "Fluttershy I have to save you, you're bleeding everywhere" exclaimed Rainbow Dash. As the shadowy figure got closer Fluttershy started to accept her fate. The figure held a Scythe. All of Equestria knew who it was. "No I have to save you" Said Rainbow Dash. Dashie kissed Fluttershy and proceeded to pick her up go as fast as she could to the "Equestrian Emergency Room". Time slowed down as Fluttershy was being flown; she saw all her memories flashed in her head. When Rainbow Dash got there, it was already too late, but Dashie was determined that she was still alive. She bursted into the emergency room and gave her to the doctors. They rushed her into an operation room. "She's in cardiac arrest, get the IEDs" said one of the doctors. "Clear…clear…clear" exclaimed the doctors. It was futile, Fluttershy was dead. Rainbow Dash saw all the memories of her and Fluttershy go by her. "Please Fluttershy, no, no, no, you can't be dead. I love you. I always have. Please comeback, don't die please." Cried Rainbow Dash.
She stayed with the body all night. With no luck, she called twilight and Zecora thinking there might be a cure or they could use magic to revive her, but there was indeed no magic powerful enough. She couldn't sleep for a whole week; she stayed in bed every day. Then one day Dashie received a vision from Fluttershy. "P-Please Dashie don't stop h-having a good life; don't let me slow you down." Said Fluttershy and then she kissed Rainbow Dash telepathically. Rainbow started crying again. She was overwhelmed with emotions. The next day she received a letter from Celestia, it said how sorry she was for the loss of her friend.

"Dear Rainbow Dash,
I am sorry for your loss. It is my fault for not warning Fluttershy about the gift she got her was explosive if it got under direct heat. Do not think this is your fault.  You could not have saved her. Requiesca De Pache, Fluttershy. Rest in Peace.
Deepest Condolences,
Rainbow Dash considered what Fluttershy said and read another letter from the Wonderbolts saying that Spitfire was sad for Dashie so she invited her to become a part of the Wonderbolts. She tried to be excited but she just couldn't. She took a long walk. She walked all the way to Canterlot. She was thinking, everything she did Fluttershy supported her, Dashie has always looked after Fluttershy, in time of need she did what was needed to be done. Then, she decided she needed to do what Shy said, live her life, a good life, one that she would want them to have, together.
Rainbow Dash accepted the invitation from Spitfire. Dashie became a world renowned Athlete in Equestria. She found out she was pregnant with two kids, who were later to be known as Radiant Dash and Flutterray Dash. She proceeded to have the life her and Fluttershy yearned for. She had a very big family she had two daughters and six grandchildren.
Sixty Years later after Fluttershy's death, Old Rainbow Dash was sitting in a rocking chair, watched as the sunset went down. Then she saw the same figure that Fluttershy saw sixty years earlier. It was Dashie's time to go. She had the perfect life. She followed the dark figure with enthusiasm of seeing her little Fluttershy one more time.
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