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Name: Xiàngliàn
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Student (Daten City High School)
Specialty: Cooking
Detailed Character Description:  Xianglian has his father's looks with a bit of his mother's, making him look like he has a slight brown tan as a Oriental when in fact, that's really his natural skin color. With his shoulder-length hair tied back to form a ponytail with a red string holding it all together, he prefers to wear t-shirts and dark jeans, showing off the jade necklace his father gave to him as a 'family heirloom'. Usually, his clothes are neat, as if they were ironed the day before so rarely, and you'll always see a gray flat cap on the top of his head.
Detailed Personality Description: Born in the U.S. of A., Xianglian is an exchange student in Daten
:iconkutai:Kutai 1 3
shusai ver 2.0 by Kutai shusai ver 2.0 :iconkutai:Kutai 2 1
random meeting happy ending
[WARNING: This fic contains ShuuJen, ShuuFuu, ItsuJen, implied MasaJen, implied OTHER PAIRS. Includes hot dogs, sexy bishie eating, fujoshi ness, and food. ANGST TOO.]
Sitting on the wooden chair, the male teenager gently rests his head on the cold, metal table, mumbling. "So boring... so hungry..." Shuu mumbles under his breath.
The girl walks into the chic eatery, she sees a mess of dark black hair. Smiling to herself, she sneaks up behind the boy and pinches the back of his neck, "Shuu ~ "
Jolting up, Shuu looks around before setting his eyes on the girl, smiling. "Ah, hey, Jenny... What brings you here?" Adjusting his black vest, he shifts in the chair, now facing the fellow Dollars member.
She laughs a little, before pulling the wooden chair to sit in, "Not much ~ A PM, chatting, roaming the streets angry at a retard of mine."
The black and khaki-clad girl quiets for a second and almost 'scans' Shuu.
"Your style certainly hasn't changed."
Placing his head on top of his fold
:iconkutai:Kutai 1 3
Dollars Meme by Kutai Dollars Meme :iconkutai:Kutai 2 0 hope. by Kutai hope. :iconkutai:Kutai 2 1
shine a light
The world seems bleak. Everything is grey… The buildings, the signs, the people, they are all grey.
What are supposed to be bright, warm sunshine are instead bleak and black rays of utter darkness.
Everything is frozen in place. Cold, uninhabitable and dreary.
In the middle of all this is a little kid, wearing what is supposed to be the tattered remains of a robe. In his soiled hands lies a knife, as tiny droplets of crimson liquid drops onto the ground. His black hair covers his eyes but if you look through it, all you can see is shades of russet. Nothing more. Nothing less. The child looks at the ground bleakly, while sitting down.
The darkness is closing in.
Slowly but surely, it is. But he doesn't notice.
He doesn't care.
Standing on top of a rooftop, the same person looks on. Pain and suffering filled every part of his mind but he didn't cry. No… he couldn't cry. Now a young adult, the male looks over to the side, inspecting the shadows. It can happen, whether in a year,
:iconkutai:Kutai 3 5
lingering past
It was raining. The cold drops falls upon the gloomy city of Ikebukuro, somehow making it even more gloomy. Sitting by the window, I look around the room, before gazing fondly upon the sleeping, female figure covered by the thick, yellow blanket. Manami deserves her rest. Outside of the city, the sirens reached into my ears, those… those pictures popping up in my head. Blood. The broken glass. And the bodies. …no, relax… you know what to do… Breathe in… breath out…
White mist blew out of my mouth while I do so and lingers in the air, if only for a second. …I should do something else to keep my mind off of it. Standing up, the ruffled uniform crinkled gently as I walked out of the room. Going down the hallway, the timber floor creaked with every step I took. Walking into the kitchen, I reached over and turn the cold, steel knob, the sound of rushing water filling the room. Grabbing the nearby kettle, I fill it up with the liquid and p
:iconkutai:Kutai 0 0
I would be a monster to see her smile
I would lie to see her laugh
Tell me, is it wrong to take this step
On this ill-fated path?
My tears lie frozen on the dull, azure lake
Overhead, the looming figure of Death
but it shall not take
for my love, my last, bated breath.
:iconkutai:Kutai 1 2
'Shusai' by Kutai 'Shusai' :iconkutai:Kutai 3 5
Mature content
night of fulfilled wishes :iconkutai:Kutai 2 16
Two Faces of the Same Coin
In the middle of the vast city of Ikebukuro, Japan, a lone two story apartment building sits in the outskirts of the town. Clacking of a keyboard can be heard in the only room that is lit, as the computer monitor flickers on and off every so often. Grumbling, the young male hits the screen in frustration, before wheeling the leather chair back, watching the conversation go on.
Yotsuba: Bye-
+Yane+ : You're soon gonna be safe! I promise you!
+Yane+ : Yotsuba-san! Remember!

Leaning over, his fingers flicker over the keyboard, as the teenager is preoccupied in his own little world.
Shusai: Bye!
Leaning back, Shuu picks up his cup of water and sips some of the clear, cold liquid, continuing to watch the chat go on without him, keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.
"What to do, what to do…"
Just before he can find the answer to his question, a loud knock echoed from the wooden door, as the student quickly typed a response.
Shusai: Ah... I have a client..
:iconkutai:Kutai 6 4
Shusai - RO by Kutai Shusai - RO :iconkutai:Kutai 0 0 Twin Rain Ame by Kutai Twin Rain Ame :iconkutai:Kutai 2 3 Imagination by Kutai Imagination :iconkutai:Kutai 2 0 Gift to Bel by Kutai Gift to Bel :iconkutai:Kutai 2 2

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United States
Creation: January 19, 2010

Birthday (although almost no one cares): August 6

Nicknames: Shimata, Shuboh, Chugo, Shusai, Shuboa

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TinierMe: Shimata Shimata
E-mail/MSN/AIM: Only if I know you well.
...and I'm wondering what am I doing with this account. orz




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