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The Fetish Palace 16 : Wanna hear a joke ?

By Kusujinn
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Something a bit shorter after the last one. Enjoy guys!

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XD thats great.
mainly bc its true.
iamawesome097's avatar
OMG I'm crying XD
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"I'm finally 18 ! I can go on adult sites now !"
- No one ever
HandsomeGamerGuy's avatar
My God.
Such a nice Comic.
Zack truly knows how to put a Pokerface.
But he need a big SMILE on that Face.
Like me.
erdervv's avatar
I've read and eccept the terms and conditions
LelayaChan's avatar
Because.. Everyone is 18+ on the internet :3
animeannie4869's avatar
I don't have a fetish I found this while browsing.

But I'm seriously debating wether or not to favorite this.rofl 
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KusujinnProfessional Digital Artist
Choose wisely :D
lucarias's avatar
there is not enough wisdom to stop me
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Magura88Student Writer
Wait, what do you - ohhhhhhhhh. 

I hope you mean what I thought. 
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JoshBeta1Hobbyist General Artist
Awww...!!! :heart:
She is so cute, so sexy, so kinky!!! :squee:
Its-Yo-Boy-Gir's avatar
This is the best comedic Duo since Key and Peele
3xPIN's avatar
"Yes, I'm over 18."
"......That is all the confirmation I need!  C'mon in!"

"How old are you?  Give me your date of birth."
"January 1, 1901."
"Oh, okay."
ILuvSmexyShowgirls's avatar
Grandpa: The government will take my guns away when they pry them from my cold dead handdddssss...

Me: But Grandpa, how do you even wield a gun at your age?

Grandpa: With my cold dead handdddsss....

;) :D
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i dont get it
Dmx4ever's avatar
Good joke. ^_^
KatyTK's avatar
Oh no I'm gonna die
Fire-Fox-America's avatar
Cleo is so fucking cute!!!! Ah my God, I love her!!! :iconilavplz:
RywGekido's avatar
Good Job ;)
Akuma-Lord's avatar
Oh god, those two are adorable together!
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DivJusticeHobbyist General Artist
"A website I'm not entitled to enter due to my lack of age!" said no one ever.
Nice strip here, simple is the best.
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Damnit I wish she was real <3
TheRoboticRetard2's avatar
What are you talking about? OF COURSE I was born in 1981, January 1st! Just look at that guy, HE was able to do that!
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