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There was a little problem with panels not being released on mosaics.

This was fixed and everything should be in working order now.  Short, and to the point.
Here are some improvements mostly for you Mosaic Managers out there.  Most of these (if not all) have come from the improvements thread, which I continually check.  More improvements are coming soon!

The current improvements are:

:bulletblue:  When you delete a panel, you will be brought back to the delete panel view.  This will make it easier to delete multiple panels at a time
:bulletblue:  Deleting panels will now be confirmed.  This is to ensure no mistakes.
:bulletblue:  Usernames will be displayed when you hover over any panel in the delete panel view.
:bulletblue:  And most importantly:  all you managers are now recognized in the finalized version of the mosaic.  This is not retroactive, so your name will not appear in previous finalized mosaics.

Happy mosaicing!
In a marriage made in heaven, Mosaics is now one with the rest of deviantART.  Completed Mosaics have the option of becoming deviations automatically.  All Mosaics are submitted into their respective categories under the Mosaics tier.  This will enable you to add Mosaics to your favorites, show them off in the new Deviation ThumbShare, and browse them in all thumbnail browsing.  Since nobody actually owns the Mosaic, a new "user" has been created.  The user deviousmosaics is the official member to proudly display your brand new Mosaic.  So if he(she) doesn't return your comment, don't be too upset :)

For people who currently manage a completed Mosaic, all you have to do is Finalize the Mosaic.  This option is available to you in the 'Manage Mosaic' link.  Just click the button 'Finalize this Mosaic'.  After you finalize a Mosaic, it can no longer be edited.  Also, if you have currently posted a completed Mosaic under your own name, please delete it and use this feature instead.
Back to the 3D world.

I am playing with this new program called axel.  It is supposed to be true 3D for the web.

sigh...always doing something :)
Okay, I just had an experience that reminded me of a struggle recently displayed on deviantart between some dude and a blue shirt (fuzzydemon made a comic about it) here it goes:

Enter a dark bathroom.  What startles you the most?  Me, a fly that whizzes by my ear.  I turn on the light and see a fly that dwarfs any normal fly.  It is so fat that I truly believe it was stopping frequently just to catch its breath.

Now me being the gentle type refused to just rip off a piece of toilet paper and squish the little bugger (and believe me, it wasn't that hard.  An elephant could sneak up on this thing.  So me being the ingenious type, I try to find anything that could be a temporary jail.  I find my sister's soap-box-whatever and make my move.  As I suspected an easy catch.  

Now if this were just a regular soap box, I probably would have released the fly outside, but it had a transparent top and it oddly attracted the idea of shaking the box to see the fly's reaction.  So I give it a little shake and the fly seems fine, strutting around with its bulging biceps and hefty paunch.

A more vigorous shake.  He is still flying around walking like nothing happened.

The most violent shake I could ever produce.  This baby had full arm extension and an occasional bang on the tiles.

Finally! He is on his back.  I open the lid, and flick the box in the direction of the toilet.  Out flys the fly in a feat that would have made houdini proud.  I swear it came right for my head.  I ducked out of the way, fell to the floor, the fly is on the wall, just chilling, probably laughing...that damn fly.

I capture the fat-ass again.   Shake him for a solid two minutes, and he is not moving.  Throw him into the toilet, he makes one last attempt, however the overpowering jets of our super luxury toilets were no match and he is gone.

I finish brushing my teeth and walk to my room, where I find a moth, hanging out on my door.  In a noble act for the progression of science and man-kind, I must see how a moth takes the beating.  I get the box and catch it.  Shake it for a few seconds.  It's dead on the bottom.  However, something so easy must have a catch.  You know that icky stuff you get when you touch a moth?  Well, the whole inside of the box is now plastered with it; a deep shade of brown.  My sister is going to love it.

The moral of the story.  Just squish the damn thing.
In the further development of Mosaics and constant pursuit of the perfect Mosaic experience, Mosaics now comes equipped with a Mosaic Center.  In this Mosaic Center, you can currently view all comments on any of your panels as well as your MosaicWatches. In addition, there is a new symbol at the top of all pages that tells you how many unread messages you have from the Mosaic Center.

MosaicWatch is a new nifty feature that allows you to track the progress of any mosaic.  All you have to do is visit the mosaic you want to track and click "Add to MosaicWatch".  The new Mosaic Center can be found at the Mosaics site located in the left navigation menu.  MosaicWatch currently has two options.  You can either be notified when a new panel is submitted or when the Mosaic is completed.
With most bugs out of the way, new additions have been made to make the mosaics experience the best around.  99% of the new additions have been user submitted.  This is fantastic and will hopefully continue.  Below is a list of the new features.

:bulletblue: Mosaic managers get to see all completed panels when they need to delete one.

:bulletblue: When a mosaic is completed, there is an option to view the mosaic as one large png image.

:bulletblue: More category additions.

:bulletblue: More information when you hover over panels.

:bulletblue: Addition of subscriber mode.  This allows only deviants with subscriptions to work on a selected mosaic.

Enjoy! More to come :)
Ah im back from costa rica and it was an amazing time.  i have added a few deviations from my trip and you can see all of my pics at

anyway, back to work (both here and school and summer job)

lots to do before college starts up senior year...woo :)
A few more bugs have been found and are in the process of being fixed.  Thank you all for understanding that this is in beta mode right now and bugs are only natural.  There is one bug that you all should be aware of.

Some panel positions might be given out to more than one person.  This can result in two people working on the same spot.  The first person who finishes their panel will have it displayed in the final mosaic.  Work has begun to fix this, but please do not be disappointed if your completed a panel and someone else's is in your spot.
I will not be around until August 9th.  Please direct any questions/bugs to jark and he will try and help you.
Want to yell at a non-mesher, someone who left a 1-pixel border, someone who has made the most amazing addition ever?  Well now you can!  You can now comment on individual panels within mosaics.
You can now Edit/Delete Mosaics.  This can be done through the 'Manage Mosaic' option on the left.  There are a few guidelines though.

Here are things you can always change:


Here are things that can only be done if nobody has worked on it yet:

delete mosaic
change panel width, height, border, or timelimit

Submitting your own shapes for templates will be disabled for approximately two weeks.  However, creating a rectangular template is still fully functional.

The Mosaics that are currently running off user-submitted templates will still be available, but will not display correctly.
The launch of Mosaics is currently going very smoothly.  So far only two bugs were found and both have been fixed.  Probably the most noticeable of these bugs was the addition of at least 40 backslashes to the descriptions.

On another note, I have been receiving loads of great ideas on how to improve Mosaics.  Soon you will be able to edit your description, or even the template you submitted (as long as nobody has started working on it yet).  If you have more suggestions, always send them my way.  They are really important, especially at the beta stages of a new feature.
So I have spent the last week coding mosaics and it was quite a project.  The end result is 20 individual php files and many tables to match.  Hopefully all the hard work will pay off and we will see some really great art come out of this project.  I hope you guys have no trouble with it and have fun with it.


I just revamped my whole website

tell me what you think :)
So, I hate professors, I hate grades.  This professor of mine gave me an A-.  Now dont get me wrong, an A- is an amazing grade to me.  However, my work was A quality and I was expecting an A.  When you are expecting something and you don't get it, it starts to piss you off.  On top of that, I would have liked a bigger GPA boost than just an A-.  This is especially true since I will be applying to many many positions next semester.   argh!
Hey, I just started using this site and have two things up.  Please check them out along with