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On why she is a poet
Because it's in her name; and though I'll always
Revel in the memory of her calling burnt wine a goddess,
I have no doubt she is Brighid incarnate, her
Desire to live among the
Gods and Goddesses is homesickness, her
'Eternal flames' the way her words reach deep inside and burn but leave room for  
Thought in their place
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 8 5
7 years old
My dad calls me and my siblings to the living room
Where he and my mom sit, smiles on their faces
That, looking back, I'm not sure were genuine anymore
My dad asks
"Imagine we moved to an island with two tents;
One with your mom, and one with me. Which one would you like to live in?"
I don't know much but I know I don't like this question
So I answer
"I would put the two tents together so we can all live in one big one!"
Because that's the only answer that doesn't leave my tongue
With a foul taste, like when I somehow got soap
On my Ringpop
My parents smile,
but I know my imagination
isn't welcome on this imaginary island

9 years old
I'm way too young
to feel like the tape
you use to close that tattered box
that somehow became too small to hold your Christmas tree
But putting the tree back at work today
I realize that's exactly how I felt

11 years old
My parents are fighting
And I guess it must've been really bad
Because my mom storms up
And tell
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 74 52
Happy birthday
Just stopping to tell you
You've made an unlikely hero
Out of a passive agressive villain
Soooo thanks for that I guess
I can't get off the phone with family members
Can't see a sad friend
Can't let anybody get hurt
And not tell them I love them a thousand times or constantly check on them
And I think deep down
It's because I don't think I did either enough for you
I hope you know
I'm saving the world
Because I have spent every day
I spend every day
I will spend every day of my life
Wishing I saved you
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 9 6
It's canon by kushamisaru It's canon :iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 4 8
Last night
I stayed up late and cried
Because I hate this world I live in.
As a child my grandmother would read me stories of
Golden Geese,
Brer rabbits,
Wynken, Blynken’, and Nods,
Snow Whites and Cinderellas
But the story that stuck with me the most was that of Icarus,
Because he didn’t get a happy ending
And, if I’m honest,
That’s more like the world we live in.
See, their world is about good hearts, belief, and hard work.
As long as you have those,
You’d get your happily ever after.
But here, belief is about as powerful and real as those stories
Good hearts get trampled on
Hard work is only occasionally rewarded
And happily ever after’s don’t happen till you’re dead
If we believed more
We’d find fairy godmothers would come back to us
Good would win in the end
And maybe
(Just maybe)
I could have a chance
With you.
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 18 10
Honestly, we’re not that difficult.
I know sometimes it seems like we have as many phases and sides as the moon and lord knows how many times the definition of that changes
But at the core of it all there are those who are genuinely kind and those who are genuinely cruel
Just like you.
The truth is plenty of girls would just melt at the thought of their name
Written all over someone’s heart, occasionally paired with an acronym
Of a fraction of the reasons why you love them
Like the notebook of a lovesick schoolgirl
And if it’s your lot in life to pick one who wouldn’t
Then honey, she’s not worth the breath you’re desperately holding
To share with her.
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 11 18
It Gets Better
Every year starts and ends with winter
There's nothing you can do about that
I know it's frustrating
To step out of your house
And see the path you just paved
Covered in snow
But please, be patient
Because the more snow you pile up,
The greener your grass will be
In the spring
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 85 32
I'm the type of girl who
Cries at the closing of places I've never even been to,
Because I get to thinking about all the memories
Good and bad
That were made there.
So forgive me if my concern seems insincere or unfounded.
(But it's not)
I guess I'm selfish too;
I know a two degree difference is all it takes
To make a person sick,
And I'm scared to see what
Six degrees will do
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 31 23
Broken record
If this was a fairy tale,
I'd like to be your mirror on the wall.
That way, maybe when I tell you that you're the fairest in the land
Instead of the ugly, wicked queen you think you are
You'll believe me.
If you I were your teacher and you my pupil,
The subject would be astronomy
And I'd emphasize how we are all made of star dust.
That way, every night, when you look up at your brothers and sisters
You'd know how brilliant you are.
In reality,
I am a friend
And from this distance, all I can offer are my words.
So I do.
Of course there are days where I wish I could offer more
Or that I wasn't repeating myself over and over
"You are smart"
"You are pretty"
"You are a good person"
Like a broken record
Hopefully, a day will come
When out of the blue
You find yourself humming along
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 36 52
Don't you think
If it was as easy as just turning my mind off,
That I would've done that?
You don't understand what it's like
To have a brain that works like multiplication
Where a positive and a negative make a negative
To be jealous of Prometheus
Because it was only his liver that he lost every day
ONCE! Once a day!
While I am being eaten bit by bit
Every minute of my life
Toyed with
By the words in my own mind
You'll never be good enough
You're not smart enough
Nobody likes you
You're a loser

Only to be regurgitated when they're done
To start again.
And I'm so afraid
That they're right
I don't even notice they've already made a home.
It seems like all I can do
Is wait for
To destroy me for good.
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 15 16
You're nothing but a disobedient toddler
Who didn't listen when her mom told her "Don't run with scissors"
You have no idea just how much
The weapon in your hands can hurt, do you?
Maybe when you
Chop your own head off
You'll know.
But then it'll be too late.
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 17 32
Thirty seven years ago,
Two stars got together and made another.
His eyes made from the most illuminous verdigris supernovae
His voice made from the notes of the deepest, richest cello
His skin made of pale, smooth alabaster
And his heart from Midas' gold.
Today, we celebrate.
We draw, make collages,write, anything we can do
So that he knows we have remembered the anniversary of his birth.
That he is loved by us.
That he has made our lives happy ones.
And no matter what the medium, or even the language, we all mean the same thing
"Happy birthday, you wonderful human being."
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 22 25
Under the rug
“You’ll never amount to anything,” the dust mocks me as I sweep it under the rug.
“No time for self-pity today,” I tell myself, or tomorrow, or the day after that, or the day after that…
“I have NO interest in being friends with you. Leave me alone.” Another speck hisses, voice quiet but words filled with animosity.
“Well fine. You shouldn’t have lied about that then.” I try to sound angry. It doesn’t work.
“You’ve already messed this one up; let’s see how long it takes you to mess her sister up too!” a clod of dirt roars before it joins the dust.
I stop.
That’s… that’s not true, is it? Me, messed up?
My brain helpfully provides evidence that would agree with this statement.
Depression, ADD, poor motor skills, lack of social grace, lack of social-anything-positive…
Don’t you cry, don’t you dare cry, I don’t care if that’s true or n
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 34 39
Mom curses Adam;
God punished Eve.
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 30 45
Imperfect Assembly Line
If you were to mass produce and sell humans like, let's say, electronics, what would the perfect product be?
One that does it all?
One that cooks, cleans, does any kind of work and does it well?
Never complains, gets sick, makes a mistake?
One that isn't too old, so it can't do anything, but also not too young so that it can't learn?
No human meets all these requirements.
So is there no perfect product?
(Of course not.)
What would make a bad product?
One with any kind of illness; be it depression, cancer, AIDS, ADD, etc?
One that is nervous and shy?
One that doesn't know when to shut up?
One that can only do one job, even if it's one you disagree with?
One with a mind that may not always work right, but is its own, with beliefs and feelings it's willing to fight for?
I have many of these faults.
Am I defective?
(Because I'm pretty sure my warranty has expired)
Did you know?
Our warm, bright sun has freckles?
Our gorgeous, romantic moon's a crater face?
Our Earth, our home, has body iss
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 28 61
My Dad
When I was little, my dad was a superlative.
He was the strongest, the bravest, the most the best. No man could compete with him. He didn't just set the bar, no, my dad was the bar. He could do no wrong in my big youthful eyes.
When I became a teenager, my dad was nothing but wrong.
His expectations: wrong.
Means of discipline: wrong.
Opinions of my boyfriends: wrong.
And it was hard to understand how a man of such great stature could take such a fall. Especially to such a smart daughter like me, who was above the petty "ugh, my parents suck!" complaints of a typical teen. I, who searched for a higher understanding, could not possibly be at fault.
I'm older now. Still a teen, legally an adult, mentally going back and forth between the two.
But I understand now. I really, honestly understand; not the way I understood when I was younger, no, this is genuine understanding.
Everything my dad has done has been the result of nothing but love. My dad wants nothing but the
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 37 52


What Remains of Edith Finch| The Finch Family by ManufacturedFire What Remains of Edith Finch| The Finch Family :iconmanufacturedfire:ManufacturedFire 19 3 what remains of Cryaotic by Caelumish what remains of Cryaotic :iconcaelumish:Caelumish 69 5 Milton by alexsasha235 Milton :iconalexsasha235:alexsasha235 15 8 A Dangeruss QNX by dangeruss A Dangeruss QNX :icondangeruss:dangeruss 1,666 2,224 Wow look at this cUTE BEAN WITH CUTE FRECKLES by Fire-Remorros Wow look at this cUTE BEAN WITH CUTE FRECKLES :iconfire-remorros:Fire-Remorros 6 6
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I've been testin
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Like The Stamp Says - Daisy by FlyingPrincess Like The Stamp Says - Daisy :iconflyingprincess:FlyingPrincess 114 0
Why Is Winter Coming

Winter is Coming
:icondamphyr: damphyr
:iconjanvavrusa: janvavrusa
Winter mountains
Few phrases are more closely associated with the Game of Thrones fandom than this one. We know that winters in Game of Thrones are long, often lasting several years. It is also difficult for people in that world to predict when the seasons will change, the Citadel even has a special, rare breed of white raven they send out to deliver the news of the changing season. While this may just be the way that the seasons in the world of Game of Thr
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 1,091 88
Penny Arcade by cwgabriel Penny Arcade :iconcwgabriel:cwgabriel 1,024 108 Fourth Wall by shelldragon Fourth Wall :iconshelldragon:shelldragon 5 2 Gabe and Tycho by SIIINS Gabe and Tycho :iconsiiins:SIIINS 127 8 Portal-RSPD nonsense by Slushee-duck Portal-RSPD nonsense :iconslushee-duck:Slushee-duck 14 3 tycho for mu by alienfirst tycho for mu :iconalienfirst:alienfirst 21 3 We...we can't do that... by Slushee-duck We...we can't do that... :iconslushee-duck:Slushee-duck 91 37 Can't Go On by AgentKelly13 Can't Go On :iconagentkelly13:AgentKelly13 68 2
You're not a failure for failing
Her small, anxious hands
grabbed the cup, a bit too large
as it slipped down and tumbled to the ground,
the milky mess covering the carpet:
her mother let out a disapproving sigh
and rolled her eyes,
“Will you ever do anything right?”
and that’s when she began
to limit her aspirations,
so that her dreams would never be too large,
so she’d never make any mistakes
she’d never again drop the cup,
but she’d never have enough to drink.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 515 176



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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Brandy Stamp by calamity-casey


Hullo! My name's Brandy, and I'm just a humble writer.

I enjoy writing. For the most part, that means fanfiction; hetalia reader-inserts, to be specific. But my muse for writing such stories has left me and I've been taking a crack at original pieces instead. Are they any good? I dunno. I'd hope they are. :shrug: Feel free to like or dislike, and even critique. You will probably break my fragile little heart, but I guarantee your head won't be bitten off (by me anyway), and that I'll be very mature about it and take your opinion into consideration.

Sometimes I can be very sarcastic and that often doesn't translate well into typed words. If I offend you, I apologize greatly. I've probably already apologized about a thousand times, but this way the number will be the same no matter how you read it (1,001). If it's any consolation, our encounter will likely haunt me for the rest of my life ^^;

What else to say... I'm an anime lover of course. But that stems from my love of Japan period. I'd love to go there someday. I'd also love to one day go to England. So much of my life has had subtle British influence sprinkled in, and now that it's been brought to my attention I've become a bit of oh who am I kidding, I'm a huge Anglophile.

I'm huge into astrology... I'm a textbook Aquarius XD


.Well, okay, that's not entirely true. They annoy me a bit, but you know, it's love :shrug: Those who favebomb and just leave without a single comment or a watch, however, make me want to be violent. I just... I think that's extremely rude to barge in, fave what you like en mass, and just leave. Maybe it's just me?

Peeps I look up to on here:

:iconlupus-astra: My absolute literary hero. She's just such an amazing writer, and even though she's younger than me I look up to her and a lot. I can't tell you how hard I geeked when she actually faved two of my stories. If you're watching me you should definitely watch her too. I may be good, but she's just phenomenal.

:icontheexplosivesushi: Another amazing writer on here. I'm sure most of you already know of her; she's very popular here. She's written about a variety of Hetalia characters so I'm sure your guy's in there somewhere!

:iconfire-remorros: My fabulous :iconimfabulousplz: twin; as of my first writing of this, a lot has changed with him. He used to write reader inserts too, but now he focuses more on drawing. Has super adorable art of him and his partner.

:iconhillsofsilence: Co-founder of CountryxReader, this is a writer who I don't think gets enough love. Don't get me wrong, she has love. But she deserves a lot more! She's very good with descriptions, emotions, and writing about various characters... all qualities I wish I had.


kushamisaru has started a donation pool!
196 / 3,000
I've decided I want a premium membership! In return for points I'll uh... Write a reader insert or characterxOC. I usually do hetalia, but if you want something from another anime and I know it, I'll do that too :3

5 points: one request

10 points: two requests

10+ points: however many requests past ten you donate (so 11 is 3 requests, 12 is 4 requests, and so on)

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So for the most part I've just been kind of lurking and not really posting on here anymore. I'm not sure whether anyone cares or not about that. If you're interested in me and not just my writing you can catch me on Tumblr which is where I am most of the time now (my user name is the same as here).

But for those of you more concerned with my writing, and those of you who have watched me since I stopped regularly writing, I feel like I should tell you I'm not dead. I do plan on writing again... eventually. But um. Some things are gonna change.

  • I'll write when the mood strikes me, which isn't very often anymore (okay, so that isn't so different, but still)
  • I will probably write fanfiction again, but Hetalia fanfiction is not very likely. I like the series but I'm not even close to caught up currently and I just can't see myself finding inspiration in it anymore. I'm sorry to those of you who recently followed me hoping for more of that. I understand if you want to unwatch me.
  • I also want to try poetry again,but I'm more self conscious about it than ever, so be gentle
  • Something actually completely new that I'm thinking about tackling is short stories. Or maybe even just little short excerpts. 
Yikes, this bullet form is super messy
But yeah! That's the most important stuff as far as my writing goes. If anyone is interested in my more personal goings on, you can chat here or on my tumblr. I started writing when I was in a bad spot and trying to get better, and it helped a lot. I'd like to try that again; see if maybe I've improved

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