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Floral Brush Set .:Part II:.

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Looking at the success of my previous floral brush set ([link]), I decided to make a new one for you all.

Check out my beautiful and jQuery powered button set here.

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your brush are beautiful thank you so much <3
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Kurotsuki-nyaHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for uploading ^^ I'll give you credits if I use it!!
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shishido-ootoriHobbyist General Artist
your brush is amazing! i use it th03.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i…
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fueartHobbyist Photographer
love it
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really nice,thank you
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thank you , love it
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popzeProfessional Digital Artist
just wanted to ask if I am allowed to use these brushes for a school project?
I will be using them in my online portfolio as well, but wanted to ask you befor I did anything with it.
It's for a Motion Graphic commercial but It's only going to be used for a school project, so it won't be used in any financial way :)
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AmenAvifailHobbyist Digital Artist
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lechatdesignsHobbyist Digital Artist
Gorgeous work, my friend!
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ErasmussProfessional Photographer
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BleachMyStrawberryStudent Traditional Artist
love these brushes, I used them here [link]
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很美麗的碎花刷!!! 謝謝分享!
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MaclookProfessional Interface Designer
thanks! downloaded and posted
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GuiI23Student Digital Artist
Great brush, really pretty.
Used them here [link]
Let me know what you think, ok?
Thanks! x3
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GeekyKitten64Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh snap these are pretty!:D
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It's a beautiful !! love
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KateIndeedHobbyist Photographer
Would you be opposed to my using this on a business card? If not, that's fine. :)
kush-solitary's avatar
nope.. you are free to use them :)
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KateIndeedHobbyist Photographer
Thank you! :) They're awesome.
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ToastBustersStudent General Artist
This is exactaly what I needed :D thank you so much
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lovely work!
swagmanjojo's avatar
lovely! truly a talent...
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