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Jan. 2nd 2012: This Contest is now Closed!
:bulletyellow: view entries here… :bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT! click here! :bulletyellow:
Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you to the judges, whose work will begin tonight (I'll send you a note) - it's going to be tough, so please be patient while we look at all your entries to determine the winners!

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Dragons, unicorns, fairies, werewolfs, demons, trolls, vampires, centaurs, gnomes, angels, medusa, aliens, mermaids and -men, creatures from legends, weird hybrids made out of two different species, creatures with mechanical parts added - all of these have one thing in common: they don't exist. BUT they can be created in photomanipulations out of multiple images.

So show us your Creature Feature* and win!

*To enter this contest, please read this journal thoroughly - I reserve the right not to accept entries that don't follow the rules layed out below.

Creature Feature

:bulletyellow: Theme :bulletyellow:

Creature Feature

:bulletyellow: Medium :bulletyellow:

Photomanipulation (with additional digital media if you want - but the main part - the creature itself - has to be a manip)

:bulletyellow: Deadline :bulletyellow:

The contest runs from October 29th 2011 until  January 2nd 2012 10 am CET

:bulletyellow: Judges :bulletyellow:

:iconkuschelirmel: :iconmiah-art: :iconwarptheworld: :iconirenelangholm: :iconbeehivestudio: :iconalexandravbach:

What we will be judging on:

Of course your entry needs to fit the theme, it has to feature a creature, preferrably one that you built out of more than one image, using photomanipulation (with additional digital media if you want). We'll be looking at creativity and technical skills (like blending, use of light and shadows in a logical mannor, etc).

The Rules

  • The entry has to keep within the theme given: show us a creature that does not exist (it can exist in ledgends or you can invent something completely new)
  • The entry has to be a photomanip, meaning you need to use photographs* as basis. You can use digital mixed media (painting, vector/vexel, 3D, fractals) in addition to your manip, BUT please don't overdo it - if it was more painted than manipulated it will not be accepted (this rule is here to exclude getting painted/rendered creatures with minimal photomanipulations done to them). I will allow 3D stock to be used (example: the dragon in the header of this css), but I'd urge you to think outside the box and to not use a "premade" creature but rather create one yourself. The same goes for premade backgrounds: they are allowed but you will have more chances of winning if you create something yourself. A contest should be challenging after all ;-)
  • Crediting all your stock sources** is a must (if you use your own images, please say so)!
  • You can enter as many times as you like, but you can only win once. If you want to avoid competing against yourself, you might want to choose just one entry, your best.
  • The entry has to be made for this contest and this contest alone - uploaded after the start date (soon to be reveiled) and before the deadline (also soon to be reveiled, most likely just after New Year's)

* photos as in pictures taken with an actual camera - "second life photography" or something like that is NOT allowed.
** It should go without saying that the stock sources have to be legitimate stock, but it seems I have to point it out anyway. If you are unsure about which stock you can use and what is not stock at all, please read this article.

How to Enter

Upload your image on dA and specify in the artist's comment that it is for this contest. Then note me on my main account kuschelirmel with your entry so I can add it to the Contest Collection.

We have already some beautiful entries - check them out here!

The Prizes far...

  1. First Place
  2. Second Place
  3. Third Place
  4. There will also be journal features for honorable mentions.

If you like this contest and would like to donate something (which won't exclude you from participating of course) please send me a note! :heart:

and lastly...

...some promotion material!

Creature Feature CSS by kuschelirmel-stock
The css has been published on my stock account kuschelirmel-stock for you to use as you wish (you don't need to enter the contest to use it and you do not need to keep the promo stuff in the journal either) :aww:

To use this in your journal, copy and paste the following code (subscribers only) - remove the space within the url!:
<a href=""><img src="" />

Creature Feature by kuschelirmel-stock Creature Feature by kuschelirmel-stock Creature Feature by kuschelirmel-stock

To use stamps in your journal, simply copy and paste the thumbcode next to the deviation or in this case the one below (subscribers only):


dragon: Elevit-Stock, mountains: fantom89, wastelands: resurgere | wroth, chains: ocd1c-stock, scroll: | ba1969, brushes: redheadstock & iMouritsa; coding and graphics by kuschelirmel-stock
© 2011 - 2022 kuschelirmel
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Kreatiques-x's avatar
Just seen the other entries. I have no chance :XD:

Good luck to everyone though!
kuschelirmel's avatar
we'll see about chances when we are done judging ;)

Kreatiques-x's avatar
Haha :XD: Everyone has done such beautiful art as entries! It's stunning to see the response that you got with the competition.
Trisste-stocks's avatar
I'm too late, looking forward for another contest :)
kuschelirmel's avatar
there surely will be others too :nod:
iigmiir's avatar
BeehiveStudio's avatar
can't wait for the voting process to begin =D
kuschelirmel's avatar
dhik-a's avatar
I just noticed that I haven't donate anything. Do you still open prize donation? If so, I'd like to donate journal feature and support stamps for the 3 winners. :)
kuschelirmel's avatar
thank you muuchly! of course all donations are still welcome :love:
0Ebi0's avatar
Da mir Langweilig war, habe ich noch eins gemacht :D Hier ist mein 2. Bild [link]
kuschelirmel's avatar
Es tut mir leid, aber ich kann Deinen Beitrag nicht annehmen "found on the internet" ist nicht zulässig als Stock. Alles, was es im Netz gibt, gehört demjenigen, der's gemacht hat, und solange der dir keine Erlaubnis gibt es zu benutzen, ist es kein Stock und Du begehst eine Urheberrechtsverletzung. Die Erlaubnis kann entweder generell gegeben werden (zB als Notiz unterm Bild oder durchs Hochladen auf entsprechende Seiten - wie zB oder den dA stock Bereich - mit Nutzungsbedingungen) oder eben persönlich (durch Nachfragen und um Erlaubnis bitten und diese dann per Mail oder PN etc bekommen). Außerdem muss derjenige, der die Erlaubnis gibt auch das Recht dazu haben - zB wenn jetzt jemand Angelina Jolie Bilder im Netz sammelt und sie (wie sie sind oder ausgeschnitten oder sonstwie verfremdet spielt keine Rolle) als Stock anbietet, dann ist das auch gegen das Urheberrecht, sind ja nicht seine Bilder und er hat den Photograph und Angelina nicht um Erlaubnis gefragt.
0Ebi0's avatar
Och nö :( Ich habe gerade die Person angeschrieben, die das Bild bei DesktopNexus hochgeladen hat. Wenn ich noch die Erlaubnis bekomme, werden dann meine Bilder angenommen?
kuschelirmel's avatar
DesktopNexus ist eine der Seiten, auf denen jeder einstellt was er irgendwo gefunden hat - ich wage zu bezweifeln, dass derjenige, der es eingestellt hat der Rechteinhaber ist. Tut mir leid, aber das geht einfach nicht.Du kannst höchstens versuchen, das Bild durch richtigen stock zu ersetzen.
0Ebi0's avatar
Hmmmm, kann man nichts machen :( Danke dir trotzdem für den fav+ :)
Kechake's avatar
omg!!! i hope i can make it in time, this is a contest of my dreams!
kuschelirmel's avatar
you still have until tonight - well, actually until I get up tomorrow (around 10 am, CET) - I hope you can still make it! :love:
Kechake's avatar
i made it!! :D
0Ebi0's avatar
Hi Jasmin, ich habe es doch noch geschafft :) Hier ist mein Bild [link]
kuschelirmel's avatar
dafür gilt leider das gleiche wie für den anderen Beitrag: mit Urheberrechtsverletzung kann ich ihn nicht annehmen.
AlexandraVBach's avatar
Gosh, why do I always miss great contests like yours ? Deadline is to close now so I won't make it on time and can't enter but I'd be happy to give a special journal feature to the winners and honorable mentions :)
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