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In the Tutorial Treasury, you will find tutorials geared towards Photomanipulators and some that will deal with a broader subjects, such as lighting, colour etc. The tutorials will be from dA as well as from all over the web and in each episode, there will be 3 to 6 tutorials for your reading pleasure (any more than that I guess no one will have time to read anyway). If you find any good ones, shoot me a note so I can include them in the next installment!

The Tutorials

Treehouse by kuschelirmel
Create this beautiful treehouse artwork using a combination of photo manipulation and painting techniques. Find out how to easily draw a surreal-looking tree easily using the Brush tool, clouds from scratch, and more! You’ll learn all these techniques in this Photoshop tutorial.

:pointr: read the tutorial

Valentine by kuschelirmel
Valentine's is just around the corner and you if you still need a card I have just the right tutorial for you.

:pointr: read the tutorial

Textonpathfinal by kuschelirmel
Ever wondered how to make text flow along curved lines? In Photoshop CS and up, this is easily achieved using paths.

:pointr: read the tutorial

Blown Head by kuschelirmel
Learn to create a grungy abstract portrait in this tutorial combining the forces of Photoshop and Alchemy.

:pointr: read the tutorial

Cliff by kuschelirmel
Learn how to create an retro styled image inspired by Surrealism. You will learn how to combine stock photos, Photoshop brushes, and textures to create a scene of a couple jumping to each other from two very high cliffs. You’ll also learn how to blend texture and adjust the colors to give it the old photo look.

:pointr: read the tutorial

Articles and Links
Photomanipulation for Beginners

an article about what photomanipulation is and what you need to try it - and on the ever so important issue of "where do I get pictures to play with?"

--> read article <--


Of Copyright & Premades
is an article that strives to explain what copyright means, who it protects and that simply putting work into something will not make using something without permission okay.

Know your Basics - article series:

A series of articles that try to explain some basics in art that you may or may not have heard of before but didn't know what to do with them. All of them are written especially for photo- manipulators, but the principles should hold true in any genre.

--> Know your basics - Colour Theory <--
--> Know your basics - Composition <--
--> Know your basics - Perspective <--
--> Know your basics - Textures <--

Tutorial Treasury

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Journal Stock Credits: Kaotiksymphony-Stock and iMouritsa.
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Thank you for sharing this with us. I will definitely use these. I have been self teaching myself how to do photo manipulation and it has been a long road. Hopefully these will help me as well. :heart:
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Nice group of tutorials!
Gariandos's avatar
Wonder if these would work on a program called Photo Explosion.
kuschelirmel's avatar
I've never heard of the programme, but unless it's got layers and blend modes and all that I doubt they will. You can always try though :)
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I know it's got layers, not too sure if it has blend modes, though.
LeviathanDy's avatar
I just can't follow heart one..it's just do this that and not showing other setting...
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if there's a comment area underneath the tutorial, try asking for help there - I only collected and shared them, I didn't write them :aww:
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hmm.. something to do the next weekend. XD
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Nice article about the art of drawing surreal, but I think I liked teaching drawing thanks
kuschelirmel's avatar
the tutorials are not about drawing as such, they're about photomanipulation. If you're interested to learn more about that art form, you can read this article. :heart:
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lovelly tuts...tks for taking your time and sharing with us!
kuschelirmel's avatar
you're most welcome!
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Thanks for sharing!! :D
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Thank you for sharing these :huggle:
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LiLkawaiibunny's avatar
They all look wonderful, thanks for sharing. (:
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great to hear that! you're welcome!
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Very useful. Thanks for sharing. :)
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