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Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes! :heart:

Especially since I'm the kind of person who constantly forgets other people's birthdays ^^;



Get to Know me

I know I have gotten tons of new watchers in the past year and while I'd like to think I'm rather uninteresting, I know people are always curious to find out a bit more about the people they're watching.

If you would like to know more about me, please visit the following journal over at my stock account and maybe leave a comment if you like so I can get to know you, too!

Of course you can leave your comment here as well, I'd love to get to know you all :heart:

Hi, I'm Jasmin! And who are You?Hi, I'm Jasmin,
and I'm not very good at introductions, but seeing as I've got plenty of new watchers, I decided to try anyway :D
So, who am I? Well, in this so-called real life, I am a process engineer working for a plant engineering and construction company based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I design plants that remove certain unwanted gases (like CO2 and H2S) from either natural gas or synthesis gas streams. I live with my boyfriend in a small town just outside of Frankfurt at the foot of the Taunus.

The contrast between countryside and this skyscraper-filled city is great; and not just for taking photos.
Though taking photos is of course my most prominent hobby - that and creating photomanipulations, which you can fin


...some recent faves :dalove:

Worlds Factory by neverdying

The Time of My Life by Aeirmid

CINDERELLAAAAA... by chryssalis

Farewell to Lothlorien by AlexandraVBach

Bees by PixieCold

Greed by fabilua

A Bed of Moss II by Matthias-Haker

-Archetype- by Janek-Sedlar

SKY I by Yahyamd


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Sorry for the very late reply on this, but thank you very much for the feature Jasmin :nod: :heart:
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Oh I can match your lateness any time ^^;
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not sure about that :P
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When deviants have excellent English skills, I often simply assume they are from an English-speaking country. Do know that German is the sister language to English, which helps in understanding what a paragraph written in German is about even if I cannot fully read it. My daughter took German for eight-years in high school and college (it was her minor) and just loved it. Beautiful features :aww:
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Thank you very much for featuring my work. It's such an honor coming from a great artist :hug:
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Well poo, I'm late...Happy Birthday! :tighthug:
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I also am very honoured to be included in your feature. Thank you kindly.
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Fantastic selection of works,dear Jasmin!!:clap:
I'm so very honored to be featured among them!Thank you so much!!:bow::huggle:
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:blowkiss: you are welcome!
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Thanks so much for the feature ^^ :hug:
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:blowkiss: you're always welcome!
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Beautiful collection dear!! Im going to fave all of them :love: And Happy B-day again :love: :hug: :hug:
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Happy birthday again :party:
Very beautiful artwork!:thumbsup:
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Thank you so much for including me. :heart: This is an amazing collection, and it's always nice to see what you've added recently. :)
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you are most welcome! :love:
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jeje I´m the kind of person who forgets about B-days too :XD: So no worries :)
and amazing collection of works!! :D going to fav some of them now!
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