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You want more pageviews, more faves and comments, but especially, you want more recognition for your work. So, you decide to send in your own work as DD suggestion. That is all fair and good, but you have to understand that I get quite a few suggestion notes each day and while I will look at each suggestion no matter who sent it, I have to wonder why some people may think their own work would be deserving of a DD in the first place.

Suggesting someone else...

If you suggest someone else's work for DD, you do it because you like the work. Maybe you find it to be outstanding from a technical point of view, maybe the idea behind it is just too good to pass by, but in any case, the piece must have moved you enough to find the right gm in FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen? and send your suggestion on its way. I do not need you to explain that to me (though I am always curious), because your actions in this case speak for themselves. And if you were "simply moved", if something inside you just "clicked" upon seeing a certain piece, it may be hard to explain, too.

...versus suggesting yourself

On the other hand, if you suggest your own work, then the "clicking part" doesn't fit the bill any more because you created this image. Of course on some level the two of you "click". But would someone else "click" with it?  I do think you should be able to explain why you think it should receive a DD to be displayed for a day prominently where members and visitors alike will see it. Suggesting yourself for DD is a way to advertise yourself. Would you react in favour of an ad that said only "buy me"? I'm sure you'd just shake your head in disbelief. But this is exactly what I've been seeing increasingly these past weeks! People simply begging "may I have a DD on this, please?" or "I worked on this for *insert-number-of-hours-here*, please give me a DD!". Or simply "[link]" with no explanation at all, even though I do have it in my guidelines that I want to hear what a self-suggestor's reasons are. The only thing I "love" more is if they give me a link to their gallery, so I can "pick whatever I like"...
There are two more things that irritate me:
  1. If you ask me for critique or a DD, how am I supposed to give you the latter if you seem to know that some things are still off with it?!
    If you want a critique, you can always ask me to give you one - but please don't combine it with a DD self-suggestion!
  2. People giving me a hand full of suggestions in one note, all for different artists and one for themselves - without comment, as if they were ashamed to send their own stuff and didn't want me to realize that fact.

What to do instead

Let me tell you that I am very, very unlikely to be swayed by any of the above. If you are going to advertise for yourselves, then please, please, PLEASE do it right!
  1. First off, pick ONE of your deviations and make it a recent one (because your skills are probably progressing with time, so on a technical level, a recent dev is better than one you did three years ago).
  2. Then note me (don't comment on my userpage where anyone can come by and offer his two cents) and tell me why I should feature this particular deviation.
If you can't tell me what is special about your piece,
then why should I DD it?

Of course, you're hardly objective when it comes to your own images, but that is part of the reason why I want you to think about "what would others see in this?" and then tell me why I should feature it. It doesn't have to be "right" or objective. But if you really like your work then you should be able to come up with something besides throwing the link at my feet or saying "but I worked on it so hard". Because frankly (and I know this may sound harsh), the amount of work or time spent is not an indication for great art. Some people need 3 hours to blend something while others will need 3 days. If the subject is boring and the composition is off, if the lighting is awkward and the idea behind it seems to be nonexistent, then I do not care how long it took, I will not feature it either way.

Oh and before you ask: yes, I have featured self-suggestors before, but the amount of self-suggestor notes that ended up in my "rejected without comment" folder has been far  greater than those I was able to shove into the "used" folder.

I hope this clears some things up and hopefully my inbox will be one of those things

EDIT: There's another aspect to all of this "DD stuff" and that is: do you really, actually want to have a million eyes on your image? If you want feedback, a DD is not the way to go about it, trust me! Do you want someone to ask you on your lucky DD day how you got that DD in the first place because s/he can't see what's so special about it anyway? On that dilemma, I invite you to read the follow up journal Do you really want to? [of DDs & Feedback]

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100% agree with your journal, I see some work that is so worthy of DD's and I suggest them, I will however never suggest myself, it defeats the purpose of the DD in any case. The piece of work featured should touch and move some one, or blow them away in its entirety. it could be something simple but so beautiful it is painful, it is all a matter of perspective. art is, as I say all subjective.
yori1976's avatar
I agree with every word (got here from Tina's journal).
I think I have some worthy images, but I leave it to others to suggest them.
Having said that - it's a long time since I had a DD and no one is suggesting me... :)
kuschelirmel's avatar
then maybe it's time to suggest yourself to the appropriate GM -- if you want one that is ;)
yori1976's avatar
I'm holding out for someone suggesting me or a gallery director stumbles upon my gallery and decides to award me one...
Do you you ever pick DDs that haven't been suggested, or you have too many suggestions as is?
kuschelirmel's avatar
I also choose on my own, no matter how man may line up ;) it would be boring to just sit and wait for others to note me their finds
yori1976's avatar
I like that attitude!
I went to your front page, and thought you may enjoy my gallery, which has not one manip in it, possibly my first DD, which I got a few months after joining dA - At the End of The Fourth Day!
As a boy I collected butterflies, until I grew up and realized how cruel it is. I still have some I occasionally use, although with kids there is little time for still life, which is as time consuming as manipulations are...
I am also an engineer (plastics), but before that I studied photography, and I hope I still remember the technique when I have time again...
kuschelirmel's avatar
you're right - I do like your gallery! I even remember the DD from when it was set (yeah, me and butterflies, just a wee little obsession there lol) I also love the conceptuality of your work :love:
yori1976's avatar
Thanks a lot - I appreciate it!
I have uploaded a few butterflies since, and I hope you like them too :).
Anyway, if you like something enough to suggest as a DD, please send to the appropriate GM, or don't, as I have already gone a bit far and I do not wish to overstay my welcome.

What I really value, especially for my still life, is comments and interpretations. Suggesting a DD is myuch easier than commenting...

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This is a really good journal. Honestly I wouldn't suggest myself because to me that defeats the purpose of it. If I get suggested I want it to be because my art really touched someone. :)
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If feels so much more gratifying if some nominates or suggests you for a DD...I just don't have the jam to suggest myself...though I am super proud of some of my pieces, they meant the world to me as I was creating them...but again I don't got the jam LOL
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Oh God, I knew self-suggestions were possible, but I couldn't imagine people were actually doing it. It just feels... wrong. Anyway, what kind of a distinction is that, if you pleaded to get it?
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I don't actually mind self suggesters that say nothing. The ones that are like DD ME, or PLEASE GIVE ME MY THIRD DD (yes, that is an actual example) and nothing else make me stabby. I hate people demanding things of me. Ask nicely and ye shall get.

But yes, if you want a DD feel free to big yourself up big style :D I do enjoy accepting them... and then not telling them what I'm DDing or when :iconhurrrplz: I love the suspense!
kuschelirmel's avatar
lol, yup, I know those :nod: And I ignore them with passion :aww: because they are usually craptastic anyway :D
Mollinda's avatar
It's worse when they're good. Because then I'm conflicted - I want to DD your work, as it is good, but I don't want to DD you, because you're a twat.
IreneLangholm's avatar
I remember those.. "pleeaase give me a DD". Or better yet: "please give my friend a DD coz she's so awesome".
kuschelirmel's avatar
and she's got such a great way with kids... and dogs... and even the elderly! she so needs to get a DD :lmao:
Mollinda's avatar
Disclaimer: I am a bitch.
IreneLangholm's avatar
My favouritest bitch in the whole wide world!
Mollinda's avatar
I have no problem with GIVE ME ONE, but I have huge problems with DD MY FRIEND notes. I just want to scream, "COME ON! I know you're biased but you're not blind!"
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