Know your Basics - Colour Theory (the manip way)

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Most of us have heard about Colour Theory - be it in school or on dA or as a term thrown about by someone somewhere. But what exactly is it? And how do you use it? This is what this article is striving to explain especially in regards to photomanipulation.
Find the article here…

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Interesting and helpful tutorial. Thank you so much! :ahoy:
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you are most welcome!
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This is amazing, can I make an article about this for the December special issue of #dArtzine you know you get all credits =D
kuschelirmel's avatar
of course, go right ahead! :love:
BeehiveStudio's avatar
Ok darling!!! I'll contact you if I need anything, ok?
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:) thank you for this brilliant tutorial.
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you are most welcome!
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Thank you so much for this! Very useful! :)
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I learned about color theory last year, and this is a brilliant way to explain it. :D Great tutorial!
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My first quarter in Art Institute had Color Theory class.
There, I found out there is no pure color and mixing blue and yellow somehow makes black.
Color is a very strange thing.
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it is the strangest and most fascinating of all :nod:
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Thabk you so much... I just read it twice in a row and... wow!!! I just figured out I know nothing about colors... must practise :blush:
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What is is color theory you speak of?

1. [link]

2. [link]

3. [link]

OR you just a get a paint set and work. it out.

I love how simple this is lol
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Nice! I'll have to add those links to the article :love:
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No problem and :w00t: :D
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I think this comment doesn't belong here!


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Honestly, you create the highest value photo manip resources on the web. I learnt so much from many of your tutorials ;)
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