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Even though often judges find themselves in a tough spot when the actual judging of a contest comes around, I can honestly say that this one was tougher than most contests I've had the honor of sitting on the panel. This time, it was a close race, that after the first round of judging still left everything open.

Please take a look at the entries - I'm pretty sure you'll be able to see what I mean :D

Anyhow, enough with the babbling and on to announcing our winners!

1st Place

What Lies Beneath by Kechake

What Lies Beneath by Kechake
Some more images from her gallery include:
Lux Aeterna by Kechake The Raven Mistress by Kechake
Light Sleeper by Kechake

2nd Place

Beware The Chamengler by ArtSail

Some more images from his gallery are:

3rd Place

Gorgon Medusa, Mirror of Memory by Incantata

Gorgon Medusa. Mirror of memory by Incantata
Some more images from her gallery include:
Wizard by Incantata
Still life for Snow white by Incantata

Honorable Mentions

Fuseli's Nightling by NeoStockz
  Extinct by ErikShoemaker Agloolik by MadameThenadier 

You can view your winnings in the original article - please be patient, you will be contacted with the details by our donators.

dragon: Elevit-Stock, mountains: fantom89, wastelands: resurgere | wroth, chains: ocd1c-stock, scroll: | ba1969, brushes: redheadstock & iMouritsa; coding and graphics by kuschelirmel-stock
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the :dedartzine: feature is already designed and will be out soon this february
chryssalis's avatar
Congratulations to all!Amazing works!!:wow::clap:
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Thank you for the honourable mention - the winners works are fantastic! Congratulations to them all :heart:
werekitty13's avatar
Those are absolutely amazing! I would have picked Medusa as the winner. All of them are magnificent. I wouldn't have won even if I had been eligible! XD
Renilicious's avatar
Personally I'd swap a couple of the place-getters around but hell... all my favourites are there. I'm happy. Well done to everyone who took part and the winners! Sublime work!
Kechake's avatar
oh my god i can't even contain the happiness i feel, this is something so big for me, i feel very honoured to have my artwork among these masterpieces :heart: :heart: :heart:
joeyboylondon's avatar
:iconabesapienplz: :iconsaysplz: Those creatures are tight!
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MugoUrth's avatar
If this is supposed to be a contest where you draw non-human subjects, how come the winner ends up being the most human of them all?
kuschelirmel's avatar
it was a contest to do a photomanip of something "alive" that does not exist - for example a vampire would've already fit the bill (see intro to the contest). The rest was up to interpretation :aww:
WyvernLetDie's avatar
Gorgon =/= human.
MugoUrth's avatar
Please. A Gorgon is simply a creature that can turn others to stone. It can take many forms. Medusa, for example, is a gorgon who looks like a human with snakes in her hair. The winner doesn't even have THAT much. All it has is different textured skin. While it's a great effect, it's also something that can be tattooed onto a body for similar effects. That's mostly my peeve, when the contest is about non-humans, I except the winner to be, well, non-human.
Karolusdiversion's avatar
These creatures are all made ​​with a human mold. Perhaps it lacks the imagination to create different shapes from the human. ;)
MugoUrth's avatar
It's just that so many of the entries contain all these cool, amazing creatures, and the winner has... a human with cracked skin. That's kind of disappointing IMO.
Kechake's avatar
i am sorry that you feel like my entry didn't fit the conditions (despite it being a non-existant creature). there is a story written under the picture - maybe it will help you to understand why i chose the human-like form. for further explanation, i believe that man is sometimes the most hideous beast in the world and monsters like mine are often created by him; both in the real life and in our imagination. these horrors will eventually destroy us (hereby butterfly symbolizing the soul of a human being), either mentally or physically.
for me, this is not a simple photomanipulation but rather something that tells an idea :)
MugoUrth's avatar
Believe me, I know well enough that humans can be their own monster in a sense, but when I look at a contest for monsters, I want the winner to be, well, a MONSTER. This is kind of a sad thing for DA contests, because the winner of DA monster contests usually are NOT monsters, just humans in a weird costume or something.
WyvernLetDie's avatar
It is a photomanipulation contest. I would be very impressed if someone managed to manipulate a photograph to depict an Abeloth.
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