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Before we come to the winners, I wanted to thank everyone who participated - it was so cool to see what you all came up with :love: All entries can be found here. The prizes are listed in the Contest Journal - you will be contacted :aww:

Time to meet...

The Judges

At first I wanted to make sure no one whose art was used as inspiration would be judging, but after seeing entries based on my own work, I thought I would level the playing field and invite some of those who were chosen as inspirations:

:iconj-u-d-a-s: :iconneverdying: :iconkingabritschgi: :iconcgsoufiane:

plus myself.

Thank you for helping me judge this - it was not easy!

Now without further ado, the winners:

1st Place

The Threads of Life by kimsol

kimsol with Threads of Life

More from this Artist:

Woodlands Gathering by kimsol Doombringer by kimsol Cars from Mars by kimsol

2nd Place

Goddess of the Woods by Carlos-Quevedo

Carlos-Quevedo with Goddess of the Woods

More from this Artist:

For You by Carlos-Quevedo <da:thumb id="422962085"/> Darkness Princess by Carlos-Quevedo

3rd Place

Marise by Flobelebelebobele

Flobelebelebobele with Marise

More from this Artist:

Theresa by Flobelebelebobele I hate bugs by Flobelebelebobele Shoot the dentist by Flobelebelebobele

Honourable Mentions

Augurum by erimu <da:thumb id="421023302"/> Terra Vulgaris by BrietOlga

Vivian, the Lady of the Lake by annewipf Touch by AbbeyMarie  <da:thumb id="425539533"/>

Dealing with no God by passion-aesthete rain in the city by ZedLord-Art


PS: you will be contacted for your prizes shortly!

Skin by SimplySilent
© 2014 - 2021 kuschelirmel
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Congrats to all! :clap:
kimsol's avatar
....oh wow I am completely surprised and happy!!!!!
Some of the entries were absolutely amazing :wow:
So sorry for the late reply have been caught up with so much recently!
Thanks ever so much :D
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Congratulations guys :D such a great works, thanks Jasmin :huggle:
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Congratulations to everyone =D!!!
bittersweetflames's avatar
congratulations everyone!! :D
The entries were mind-blowing. <3
kuschelirmel's avatar
:nod: they were indeed!
Flobelebelebobele's avatar
Thank you Jasmin and thank to all the judges. :love: Congrats to all the winners!!! :heart:
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Congratulations to the winners!

:iconice-creamplz: flower70 by Luckygay  :iconice-creamplz: flower70 by Luckygay :iconice-creamplz: flower70 by Luckygay 


Great job everyone! :clap:

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Amazing artworks!!!! :clap: Congratulation for all winners!!!!!!!
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Awesome winners, congratulations everyone!! :la: :happybounce:
And great to see how many entries there were. Doesn't happen that often anymore that so many people join!
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it doesn't, hm? I noticed that, too. What do you think is the reason?
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
No idea, i guess unless you have a lot of prizes and a very interesting topic/theme people are just not interested anymore.
kuschelirmel's avatar
typical ^^; and a shame
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