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Deepest Lonely


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Ornate Frame 01 precut

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Deepest Lonely

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A new dawn

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Landscape 5


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What is art?

food for thought

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Tales With A Twist --- Contest

So Evelyn (SecretDarTiste (https://www.deviantart.com/secretdartiste)) is hosting her first ever contest, Tales With A Twist, and I'm here just to spread the word. But I'll also be one of the judges, and there's big prizes for the winners so give it a go! :party: . Tales With A Twist Hello dear friends, Thanks for all your notes, faves and support over the years since I have been a member on Deviantart! I am glad and proud to be a part of this great community! Therefore, I would like to organise my first contest! I am quite excited and hope you will be too!  And off course, with all contests come great prizes! I am still looking for donations, so if you want to contribute you ar

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Wendy's Dreams

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Cleaning time

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The Threads of Life

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PE Photomanip: Get Surreal!

:bigthumb298669710: A tour in the world of Surreal Photomanipulations For years, surreal photomanipulation and its artists have been showing a great variety of works in this style, surprising and inspiring to all of us with their images. If you already had the pleasure to see pieces of this genre, I´m sure you´ve been amazed with what a surreal piece can offer, but if you haven´t . . . what better time than this one to learn and see the incredible options this style have for you? But first, the most important thing is to know what we are saying when we refer to a "surreal photomanipulation." To have a better understanding, l

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How Malware Works Via Banner Ads

   by $Heidi  Tweet    How Malware Works Via Banner Ads   As many deviants know, deviantART has been working hard to combat malicious banner ads that infiltrate   our advertising network, and we've previously addressed this issue in   April 2011   and August 2011.     In our ongoing effort to keep the deviantART community safe, we wanted to share the following   USA Today-produced   video that explains how malicious ads inundate the Web.   How Malicous Ads Inundate the Web   (Source: USA Today)   Protect Yourself   Malware advertising is an Internet-wide problem that affects many of the Net's top sites.   Keep

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I, engineer

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drugs for irmels :D

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New Year's adventures of a little pig

fun fun fun

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Fighting the undead


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Mindspan Folders and Feature

If a folder is full at @Mindspan please send a note to the group so it is noticed! Thank you :thanks: Features from around DA:

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Vert Zip Hoodie (Unisex)

dA at home

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must haves

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Guide To Installing Windows 10 Themes


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his parents called him will, a condensed version for william. to me, "will" was the constant friday nights of his curved thighbone in the midnight air against mine, and scintillating neon lights and 80's music that was etched inside our pupils like crossfires. david bowie was singing to me through my headphones, and i mumbled to him about will and my uneven forehead, (my skin wasn't clear anymore, either) and how will and i held hands in public restaurants and how my lips were so chapped that they peeled when we first kissed-- but i was seventeen, i had purple constellations doodled on my french homework, and during algebra class i sketched


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Lost and found -Meme-

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Silent Memories

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