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Two To Choose

No one is always just the good person or the bad person, we're two-faced (at the very least) and we constantly have to choose how to react, what to do, where to go next,... We have good days and bad days and we will often look back on decisions and ask ourselves if it was the right one or even think "I should've said this or that or done this or that instead". In the end, our personal balance between the good and bad personality determines our character. It's who we are, flaws and bad days and all."

This was originally done for a Secret Valentines project at #What-Lies-Within and I drew Jade (^SanguineVamp) to create something for. She's already seen this posted at the group but without the explanation. Not sure if the topic is all that relevant for her, but the colours seemed to be just right and I knew she likes strong lighting.

Stock from ~nighty-stock (door), ~YsaeddaStock (mountains), ~prints-of-stock (ground), *EveLivesey (leopard), (parrot) and my own.
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this just really GRABBED ME I think I've fainted.
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Amazing photomanipulation!
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Featured here: [link] - hope that's ok?
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sure is! thank you so much!
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Tough choice, wonderful! :clap:
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Probably I wont be very original, but it reminds me of a album cover. I mean the whole booklet.
I cant tell why, but the composition remind of those used in such a designs.
Anyway I really enjoyed it :)
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:love: thank you dear!
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Wow this is unusual (in a good way!) I totally love this. I love the warm colours. What an interesting choice of these two beautiful creatures. Stunning work AS ALWAYS! Miss you! :heart:
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thank you so much for all your wonderful comments! You made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :love:
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your fantastic work is featured in my journal [link]
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thank you so much :heart:
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I like the idea behind this one, your comment made it a way more meaningful. I also like the colour scheme and the way you blended clouds :clap:
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thank you! Yeah, sometimes knowing the meaning behind it does help
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This is brilliant!!! :clap:
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