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The Woman in Limbo



When they found her at a lake that didn’t even have a name because it was so far away from civilisation the air was cold. The mist almost froze on their heavy jackets, but this was not the only reason for the chill they felt. Even though they had seen their share of death in their time with the police, this one felt different. The body was almost completely submerged in the water. It was hard to tell how long it had been there because the water around her had frozen. It made them think of cryogenic tanks from science fiction movies, yet they knew she would not wake up once they thawed her. Despite the beauty of the crystalline ice, the body surely had not found peace in this grave. Giving her the peace she deserved was their task to fullfill.

I love to read crime novels and I love to watch tv shows and movies about that, too. I find it fascinating how these things are solved with so much logic and passion and sympathy. Every dead body that is found has their very own history and tragedy. They were alive with everything that that entails (families, lovers, pets, homes, work places,...) and then they are dead and everything is taken away brutally. It remains for the police to solve the murder and give the person their dignity back. At least that's what I feel they should do. Reality and fiction don't always match up, but I like to think that there are people out there working to find that story behind every dead person...


On the conceptual side of this piece, I wanted to show that even though the setting may be kinda beautiful in its own way, it is not beautiful to be dead. Even though the frozen state prevents the body from bloating up, she's still trapped under the surface. The crooked horizon is one symbol for this imbalance that exists when someone is robbed of their existance. The rather fuzzy background not only goes with the mist & the atmosphere that weighs the officers down, but it also signifies all the things they don't know yet. There are subtle text passages over the side and the top, but you cannot read them, because they are also to be discovered first. The title is a reference to her not being where she should be (not in peace but in limbo, between earth and the afterlife) and at the same time it's an episode title from one of my favourite crime series "Bones".

Stock from photocase.de - lakemorning by feigi, Where the Wild Roses Grow by traveling light - and my own.

Details can be found here [link]
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