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Blue Square Bullet Entry for HiddenYume-stock's Sail the Seven Seas Contest :love:

I saw the contest and the stock that goes with it and just had to give it a try. I've been meaning to do a pirate for ages, but you know how it is with the elusive muse... Anyway, this time I did it and after staring at it for days I finally pronounced it done. I guess the treasure must be magic, or else it would glow so much :giggle: I couldn't help myself, I admit I'm a sucker for glowy things ^^; It was nice being able to keep at it for a few days straight - normally when I have to work I am too powered out in the evening to do much of anything so when I have some holidays I can use to stick with it, it's always special :heart:

Purple Square Bullet Animated Progress GIF & Details:

The Stash - Animated Progress by kuschelirmel The Stash - Details by kuschelirmel 

Green Square Bullet Stock Credits:

Pirate Lass 17 by HiddenYume-stock Pirate Lass by HiddenYume-stock (contest stock)
Lamp by chop-stock - Parrot by cyborgsuzystock
Background: sea by Lea-Li, sky by UltraMagnusCatalogue
Cave parts: Burtn, bookwack, chasmdeep, TreasureTrove
Treasure: barrels by Peace-of-Art; chests from Tasastock, Hjoranna & darkadathea; sharp weapons by joannastar-stock & frozenstocks; gun by HiddenYume-stock ; coins by PirateLotus-Stock; box from AreteStock; bottle by silenced-revelation

Red Square Bullet My art is not your stock! So hands off! If you want images to play with, you are welcome to visit my stock account kuschelirmel-stock - there are also tutorials there.
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great, in this huge world there might be some stash still left untouched, maybe buried deep many centuries ago by someone. Thinking of all the humans who were here before us gives me a very strange feeling.
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In my opinion you are absolutely GREAT in glowy things! Wonderful work!
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thank you so much :blowkiss:
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Amazing! Wonderfully done!! :heart:
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Wonderful work! This lady is so cool! :clap:
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I really love this! Beautiful work!
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Excellent job, Jasmin! :clap:
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very well done, absloutely stunning 
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