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Revelation 6:8

I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hell was following close behind him.
~ Revelation 6:8 ~

Probably too much fanfiction (Highlander + Methos) lately - those of you who know the show will get the reference.

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My art is not your stock!
No taking and reposting, no cutting & pasting, no manipulating etc.
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Wow, das erinnert sehr an klassische Gemälde alter Meister Heart 
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Gorgeous. And the lightning is a nice touch, given the Highlander inspiration. :)
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:blowkiss: you're the first to notice :blowkiss:
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Perfect, the concept, colours.. so beautiful! :love: :clap:
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You're welcome! :)
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Always love your work. :love:
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This is a gorgeous piece of artwork :clap:
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You are most welcome :hug:
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Spectacular. Keep up with the good work!

A stunning piece. Red for the “hell that follows” after, and green to mark the passing of the other Horsemen, specifically Pestilence.

Why lilac, though? The traditional colours for Death are either white or black. Lilac fits well with the other colours, of course, but it’s still a bit strange.

What I don’t like, however, are the red eyes. They make Death seem sinister. Demonic, even. At least to me, Death is peaceful. A release. Whereas the other Horseman bring suffering, Death is the exact moment of passing from one form of existing to whatever comes after. It’s those who remain, that feels the loss and suffer for it. The “victim” doesn’t notice. It might even come as a relief.

Still a great work of art. Definitely a favourite.

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lilac / purple is a religious colour. But in any case I do not remember overinterpreting this when I made it - I simply went with the flow so to speak. And if you read my artists comment, it was inspired by a TV show more than the actual biblical verse, though the TV show does reference the biblical verse it also takes what fits the theme in the spirit of artistic license. As did I. But death itself does hold a certain demonic aspect to me; if it does not for you, then I commend you on having such a piece of mind.

Thank you :heart:
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Beautiful. The World needs art like this.
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Ich hätte uuunlängst bei Dir vorbeischauen sollen. Meine Güte ist das gut geworden. Meine Hochachtung. Die Farben sind ein Traum. Grandiose Umsetzung dessen, was so unendlich schwer zu greifen und begreifen ist.
Ganz liebe Grüße :) 
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vielen lieben Dank :heart:
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I have such a fascination with this subject. Superb artwork.
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thank you muchly :heart:
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Lovely work. I am also working on a series of the Horsemen. :)
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