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Fortschritt (engl. progress) in art and technology are often closely linked - sometimes, one (progress in art) is based upon the other (progress of technology): the advancement of techniques, the production of affordable art supplies (colours for paints, for example) or even the development of completely new ways to create art (think computers, for example).

We can argue about factories being ugly beasts or about how all this technology pollutes our planet all we want (and should), but the other side of this is that a lot of our current possibilitites would be nonexistant if they didn't exist...

Just something to think about ;)
Original image size: almost 4000 x 4000px - should make for some great prints :love:

<-- details & parts

Stock from *aqueous-sun-textures, =Tigg-stock, ~Elaweasel, =SalsolaStock, ~magickmagpie, ~DH-Textures, =MouritsaDA-Stock, =Fairiegoodmother and my own.

Special thanks to *Eil for sending me a ton of stock when she should've been working on her bachelor's project :blowkiss:
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oh you remind me of bajema and nick bantock. stunning work, truly.
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Nick Banton, wow! Thank you! :love:
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absolutely stunning!
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Featured your amazing artwork in my journal [link] !
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You're welcome :)!
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Thank you very much! :rose:
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Amazing artwork! :clap: :clap:
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You can tell this piece has had a lot of thought put into every single detail, I really like the whole concept of it and its put together very well. :)
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thank you so much :heart:
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one of my favorites from you!! :dance:
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I love the colors used that mix dynamic and contrast in your essay. It is always very friendly and sweet at once. I love studying the vagaries of time, it runs through our fingers when we need lui.La time mechanism is extremely complex but so lovely to work as you did Kushelirmel! And the contrast between green and red colors ... These are complemented by reinforcing their depth and vivacity! The green smooth, refreshing, invigorating and soothing contrast to the energetic red, shining; linked to love (love is spending time and time passes love ... ^ ^), to hell , lust and love of course! The wheels of time prohibited that destroys and devours life as in a poem by Baudelaire ("lHorloge"). This clock reminds us that light which is counted and every second it takes to savor every moment. Carpe diem as a Latin quotation!

Yes, you're right, technology, consumer society which created the need and incentive to buy the machines to do work for us and lead us away from others. Those that isolate us from the world and destroy the environment ... It's sad. And all this for political and economic interest, where the world?

In terms of technique, everything fits and is well placed ahrmonise use.The elements, the message behind is really interesting (well since I like to analyze things: p). The light is well worked and texture slightly clouded give charm to the whole. And these dragons that give an exotic ^ ^

Great job!
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:blowkiss: thank you so much for your sweet comment!
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excellent travail ,je suis complétment fan!!!
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Love your work!
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