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Dark Angel

Made for the Dramatic Shadows Contest @ #PhotoManipulatorsx3 :heart:

I was in the mood for some wings and dramatic lighting - hope you like it!

Purple Square Bullet Purple Square Bullet Progress
Dark-angel-progress by kuschelirmel 

Silver Square Bullet Silver Square Bullet Stock credits:
Alice Spiegel Stock by LetzteSchatten-stock by *LetzteSchatten-stock
background skie stock from *SalsolaStock and #pelleron-stock
fractal circles from *FractalAngel-Stock
grave by *LadyxBoleyn
skull from ~ChristasVengel-stock
wings by *JtotheOtotheE
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© 2013 - 2021 kuschelirmel
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Don't share her art she will have a hissy fit. Lol
kuschelirmel's avatar
You shared on your art-share instagram site without my consent. If you had bothered to ask first, I might have said yes. If you had reacted to my first comment asking you to take it down I would not have needed to get pissed. Sharing my art two days in a row, the second after I told you you should not is disrespectful and your comment here goes in the same direction. So of I were you I'd find myself some manners before trying to make an art-share page anywhere without any content of your own.
I don't think you would of let me share you are in it for the money not the love of the arts. I am sorry. I meant zero harm, but you didn't have to do a threatening tone. I tagged you. I never said it was my own and I didn't look closely enough to know better that you don't want reposts. I will never post your art again. Deleting my comments to make me the bad guy will not make you look any better. I was trying to get your more followers. A lot of people don't know of your art that could. I came across it here and I shared it bc I share my faves. I now have a thing of you want me to take it down tell me and I did take it down. I never said it was mine. I had no ill intentions. But, look at #kuschelirmel you didn't yell at her for posting it.
Like I said I swear on my life I didn't see where you asked my the first time. When my husband is home I can't look through all my messages. I apologize. I was just your fan. That is all. Not like it affects anything if you lose me as a fan anyway. Have a nice life.
kuschelirmel's avatar
To make a few things clear:
1) I did not delete any of your comments neither here nor on IG.
2) I would show you where I asked you if a) again you would have been more polite and b) I could still see your instagram. Not sure but it feels like you blocked me not the other way around.
3) I do not make a living off my art, I have a job as an engineer and do this as a hobby. Which is why I do not see the need to be polite to people who do not give the same back.
4) The reason I do not allow reposts is because usually those guys are the ones making money off of all the people they claim to be giving such great exposure to. Which in the end amounts to exac5ly no benefit to the person who created the content and all benefit to the one reposting. If you do this solely for fun (now as well as in the future in case your insta gains a massove following), fine. But how should I know without you asking me first and explaining exactly that?
5) The kuschelirmel instgram account is my own. It's not a reposting account. If you had any actual interest in me you would know that since my social media accounzs, my da accounts and my website link to each other.

So excuse me if I cannot muster any interest in you beyond seeing the need to publicly put sth against your temper tantrum. This was my last comment.
I do not wish to make any more and I won't post any of your art. Yes, some people do use you artists for money. I deleted my whole account bc I want no trouble. Honestly I just love art and you artists. I can't draw so why not look at all the beautiful pics on here. I have no one to show my fave things to so I went about it the wrong way. I am sorry. Like I messaged you I will never post your art again. I unfavorited your art so you have zero worries. I 100 percent just live to look at art. I am not Shinarou making money off featuring people that is a little dumb I'd you ask me. Idk, but for people like me who are introverted looking at art is my world and it makes me smile once in a dark day. I am sorry for posting your art. At least I never said hey, this is mine like some do. Lol I admit I can't draw worth a damn. Lol take it easy.
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Beautiful, every bit of it , love to see more thank-you
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I love it! Mei I use it for a book cover to wattpad? No comercial purpose. 
kuschelirmel's avatar
no. my art cannot be used for free.
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Very beautiful!
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veryyy niceee
MiloshJevremovic's avatar
Your wonderful creation has been featured in my last feature! :) (Smile)…
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thank you, very much appreciated! :love:
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very good manip!
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Bezaubernde Arbeit! :love: :clap:
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Wonderful work my dear, as all youve done <3
kuschelirmel's avatar
:blowkiss: thank you! (and again for the wings - they are gorgeous!)
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