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Coffee Time Revisited

Time to reveal the project I'd been talking about like 2 months back - there's no rushing when it comes to me and this kind of project and I hope you'll be able to see it.

This is the January picture for the new calendar :boogie:
There will be completely new pictures in it as well as some of my recent faves that go well with the textured theme :aww: The Calendar itself will be uploaded after Sept. 1st, because that is when dA switches to the dates for the next year.

For all you nostalgic people: the old calender will be updated at the beginning of September to fit the new dates, too.

On the piece:
I've always loved Coffee Time, but to be honest, it wasn't exactly my best image on a technical level. Don't get me wrong, I'm still proud of the original seen as I did it over 2 years ago with a lot less skills than I have today. The pic itself just doesn't cut it for a 2009 Calendar. I could think of nothing more fitting for my birth month than a depiction of coffee though, so I remade it - with coffee beans from the same shoot as the original ones btw :giggle:

Stock from and my own (texture is available at *kuschelirmel-stock)

"Texture This" Calendar
  1. January: Coffee Time Revisited
  2. February: Love
  3. March: Like Clockwork
  4. April: Butterfly Blue
  5. May: The Shell
  6. June: Go Fish
  7. July: The Red Cardinal
  8. August: Samhradh
  9. September: Orange Butterfly
  10. October: The Key
  11. November: Loss
  12. December: Follow Your Star
:pointr: Texture This Calendar Collection

:pointr: Product Shots: Cover | January | March
courtesy of *ErrantDreams
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The pictures of your calendar are very very good.
Can you tell us, how did you create the white flow (rain)? (not the shape above the cup)
Was it with a picture with a layer mode difference?
Thanks in advance.
kuschelirmel's avatar
it's a texture with a different layer mode :)
hotchiwawa's avatar
Yep thanks for the tip Clap 
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Hi there. I love this image. Would you mind if I used it as part of a blog banner? I'm setting up a new blog now, and this would go perfectly with the idea I have in mind. Let me know please. Thankks :D
kuschelirmel's avatar
yes, I would mind. My art is not for use without paying a license fee.
daethwalker's avatar
How much would that be? I'm not using the original image. I've heavily edited it, resized it, added a bit more. I'm not sure how it works when you do that.
kuschelirmel's avatar
heavily edited is a complete no-go
and I do not talk shop in comments.
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It makes me wanna drink coffee...
I'm guessing that January has coffee because most of us when we wake up to a new day we tend to drink coffee.So it's like waking up to a new day of a new year...
Limetastic's avatar
:giggle: it's so awesome!!! You're really cranking these out. :faint: I hope I can get mine done soon too. :no:
RebeccaRose's avatar
I'll keep my eyes open for that calendar - it looks like it will be fantastic.
kuschelirmel's avatar
wait till you see the rest ;)
RebeccaRose's avatar
Don't know if I can. You have me so impatient to see what you will come out with next! =D
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Eyeo's avatar
... coffee..... :heart:
drizzlingdecember's avatar
JPelmen's avatar
great work!
btw I love coffee :coffeecup:d^_^
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Hihi "I could think of nothing more fitting for my birth month than a depiction of coffee"
Der könnte von mir stammen, ich bin so verdammt kaffe addicted aber geb mir alle paar wochen wieder ein paar tage mühe davon abzulassen. :)

Tolles Bild übrigens. Mag vor allem die warmen farben und den "duft", weckt irgendwie grad wieder kaffe-trink laune. :)
Ashayaa's avatar
Ohh das spricht mir doch mal aus der Seele. :XD:
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