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Art Jam 17

For *dA-ArtJam's 17th Art Jam: "Diggin' Your Grave"
:pointr: Journal, Entries.

It still has about 50 minutes to go, which means two things:
a) you can still enter (or enter one of the other jams later today) and
b) this manip was a real quickie, took about half an hour - the resolution above is the original, I'm trying to fight my artist's block with any means.

:bulletblue: Walkthrough available here

Required stock image [link] by *Amarli-stock, additional stock by *night-fate-stock and `tExTuReMaTtIc
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I love the misty feel it gives off.  Nice work :-)

derrickfong's avatar
nice works here...the texture is also amazing! clap:
Amarli-stock's avatar
No scraps for you! This is gorgeous!!!! Quickie or no, I'd still hang it on my wall. :D
kuschelirmel's avatar
awww, sweet! it's way too small for that though ;P
little-stock's avatar
Auch wenn es simpel ist, ich mag die Farbgebung und die Texture :)
Das ganze wirkt einfach wie ein kalter nebliger Morgen... passt perfekt zu der Zeit momentan. Der Grund für die Beliebtheit ist warscheinlich, dass es ein Friedhof ist, darauf fährt glaube ich ein Großteil der dAler ab ;)
SoyUnHamster's avatar
So omminous :fear: the scratchy texture is awesomeness :wow: Adds a lot to the old and scary feelling it has.
organization-15's avatar
I love the eerie felling of the purple with the cold,lonely feeling of the blue.
:+fav: it!
i just looooooove your work!
lord-markus's avatar
Na für einen Quickie sieht das aber ziemlich gut aus :thumbsup:

Ich mag es eh, wie Du mit den Texturen und Farben rumspielst :nod:

Schön weiter so ;)
LadyKuutamo's avatar
Oh. My. God.
This is just amazing.
Stunning work,
well done :hug:
BeehiveStudio's avatar
I am getting quite inspired in the tones you use :kiss: I have a work I'll put up soon, that WHERE I got inspired in your soft tones :kiss:
TracyWong's avatar
I'd love to see a walk through. :)
Yami-Tsuki-chan's avatar
KaikuSkylianFay's avatar
beautiful. memorable.
venoc's avatar
die texture passt wie arsch auf eimer, kuulio gefällt mir :]
drillina's avatar
A walkthrough will be interesting... but only if you have time and wish, of course!
For being a quick work I think is very very beautiful, and it really has a mistic atmosphere!
kuschelirmel's avatar
I'll try to make time :hug:
sweetx666's avatar
I really like it, even if it is a quickie. :) Wonderful texturing and colours!
Kjherstin's avatar
great blending
NenoMistique's avatar
As always beautiful as it gets :D
And for half an hour it still is very beautifull and has something of a mystic touch in it :D
I sure like to see a waktrough :D
Thanks for the wonderfull works and ispiration you give me :D
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