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Submission Guidelines

Sun May 28, 2017, 9:44 AM
Our old submission guidelines are from way-back when - they refer to old programmes, old ways of doing things and no longer are quite up to snuff -- so here is an updated version.

Submission Guidelines

We only accept tutorials dealing with Adobe Photoshop that are hosted on deviantArt (with one exception, see below) and which are free for all to view and use. The only language we accept is English. On top of this, we have rather high standards on what is acceptable for our galleries (see more explanation below).

Quality over Quantity!

There are what feels like thousands of groups on dA that accept a broad range of resources and quality levels, but this is not one of these groups.

Definition of the term "tutorial" for the purpose of this group

A tutorial is a deviation where the author explains a tool / a technique or provides a walkthrough of an image using screenshots and images in conjunction with explanations either in written (in case tutorial is provided as jpg or as journal entry) or oral form (if tutorial is provided as video).

We do NOT accept:

  • no step-by-step images without explanation
  • no time-lapse videos with music in the background
  • no tutorial videos without voice-over explanations or at least written instructions inside the video
  • no tutorials that do not deal with Adobe Photoshop (no Lightroom, no Camera Raw, no Photoshop Elements, no Paint Tool Sai or any other programme)
  • no tutorials you need to pay to view
  • no tutorials hosted externally and linked to in the description (with one exception, see below)
  • no other resources (stock, brushes, actions, etc)
  • no images created in Photoshop (using tutorials or not) or any deviations not uploaded in the tutorial category
  • no tutorials without proper stock credits or with copyright violations such as celebrity images or things "found on google" (google is a search engine, not a stock site).

What we are looking for:

  • free content
    [If you want to offer extra material that costs something that is fine; however, to assess the quality of the tutorial we have to be able to read it and since we are not going to buy it just to see if it fits with our group's quality standards, we will only accept tutorials where the main tutorial at least is free]
  • tutorials that are about using Adobe Photoshop (would be nice if you could mention which version)
    [This does not mean that the tutorial has to be exclusively usable for Photoshop - feel free to explain tools and techniques that could be replicated in other programmes, too. But to make it easier to follow, tools mentioned / screenshots taken need to be based on Photoshop]
  • It has to be written / narrated in ENGLISH
    [Same reason as with the free content basically: we want to be able to read and evaluate your tutorial to see if it fits our quality standards and English is the common language here on dA, so this is what we use. No exceptions]
  • It has to be hosted on dA, not just a deviation with a link to an external site - the only exception is video tutorials hosted on youtube (or a similar website)
    [because dA seems to be unable to give the video resources the attention they deserve (you cannot put your tutorial videos in a normal tutorial caegory so they get buried under heaps of stuff that has nothing to do with tutorials and people looking for them have no clue where to search -- useless is an understatement).]
  • And did I mention EXPLANATIONS!? ;)

Quality Tutorials!

Maybe the above list is a clue already, but basically, the better you explain something and the easier it is to follow, the better the quality. Also, choosing a subject does matter: if you do a walkthrough, don't do it of the image you put the least work in, do it for something that is in itself of high quality. If you want to explain a certain tool, explain all (or at least a good deal of) its functions. Or similarly, if you cannot be bothered with a layout and cutting away unneeded things from your screenshots, then do not be astounded that no one wants to read this. A good tutorial in my experience takes a while to write: you need to think about what you want others to get from it and in how much detail you want or need to explain each step. It should be nice to look at (please don't just scribble something hardly legible across some screenshots and call it a tutorial) and easy to follow. We prefer tutorials on things that have not been done a million times before. If it is a subject that is very common ("how to draw hair") then we expect there to be something in there to make it worth reading: a new technique, a great tip on a detail, something!


Submissions that do not meet our standards for whichever reason are rejected without comment. If you cannot figure out why on your own, feel free to ask - we will give you an honest answer. But we do expect you to be a sport about it. Just because a tutorial gets rejected here does not mean it cannot ever be useful. It just means it does not meet our standards. So please do not take it too hard and don't stop sharing your knowledge :heart:

If you look at our gallery, you can see what has been accepted in the past and you will also see that we do not accept a lot of tutorials -- quality over quantity is not just something we say, it is actually more of a mantra.

Expired Submissions

Since this is currently a one woman show, dealing with the flurry of submissions may not always be possible in a timely fashion. If your submission expires, feel free to resubmit. If time permits, I try to accept/reject submissions on the weekends, but there may be weekends where I do not have time, so please excuse late replies etc. I would rather do something as time permits than let this group die completely.

Thank you for understanding. :heart:

Jasmin aka. kuschelirmel + kuschelirmel-stock

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