Stock Use + Stock Art Features 5 [massive edition]

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These features are my way of thanking you for using my stock - I'm afraid, I can't feature all, but I will feature my personal faves in each issue. It's also a way to showcase some fellow stockers, so don't forget to scroll down for some stock art gems as well!

Please Note:
I try hard to keep up with my message center, but mostly, I'm buried. So I try to answer any questions asked (sometimes it'll take me a while, please be patient!) and I look at and fave all artwork made with my stock. I also try to leave comments now and again, but mostly, I'll just fave and run - please don't take that personally! I rather put up some new stock than copy-pasta some generic thank you message, I think you'll be in favour of that.

I haven't done one of these in far too long - so this is going to be a massive feature!

Stock Use

The Choice by ajnataya

        Glimpse of Visualization by ChipWhitehouse <da:thumb id="307331392"/> The sun shines and warms by xxXFortKnoxXxx Inner Conflict by Pri-Santos 

Night Is The New Day by IrondoomDesign

      <da:thumb id="302065344"/>  Mako and Korra--Drowning In Love by LadyxAolani We Should Have Taken the Dirigable by amemmons green by pinkpigflying Kaisa. by falitna       

Departure by amalart88

    Same Difference by Lunarlueur In the middle of the forest by Delicadaa Living Things by Doom-Art


Art Trade: Shade of Impact by CoolCurry Slip away by kanikkefly L autre rive by talline-occrerou Mechanica by MachiavelliCro  

Dream Seeker by LynElizBergs

Stock Art


Constellation Of Time-stock by FractalAngel-Stock

01.06.12 075 by Awdi-stock Male 4 by FoxxyStock Black Death 4 by Dewfooter Chandelier 3 by krissybdesignsstock The door by Flore-stock

Dark Goddess by PrincessInHeaven

<da:thumb id="305075872"/> Sivali-miss-selfdestructive3 by ladysivali-stock Vintage Camera II by Pandora-Effekt <da:thumb id="306768942"/>

Stock 402 by leeroi1-stock

Fire Stock 66 by Noxtu-Stock Vintage Ornate Mirror I by Pandora-Effekt St Jean Fire 05 by HermitCrabStock

Stone Seating area stock by Shady-Lady90 <da:thumb id="122454678"/> Malmesbury Abbey 50 by LadyxBoleyn

wall of vintage tvs by objekt-stock


Stock from Kaotiksymphony-Stock and iMouritsa. Css by kuschelirmel-stock available
© 2012 - 2022 kuschelirmel-stock
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wow! great feature - found a lot of new favs! :heart: