Signs of Life + Feature Stock Use + Art 08

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Signs of Life

Yes, I'm alive. I'm sneezing a lot (hay fever - bah!), but all in all I'm well. I've been working on that background tutorial (it'll take a while longer before it's finished; some stuff is so hard to put into words ^^;)  and I've also been working on a secret project that I have been planning for a while now, but that also takes quite some time, so it's not gonna be ready tomorrow either. Plus I've been working on a new journal skin for myself that I do plan to share when it's finished (probably just with different images). Everything is coming along, but as I said, nothing is close to finishing. I haven't made a manip in a while either, so I guess that will be taken care of first ;) Got some stock to upload, too... why again does a day only have 24 hours?!

Stock use Feature

Some of my latest favourite manips using my stock

Stock Art Feature





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Thank you very much for feature my stock :hug: