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First off, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who commented or otherwise reached out after my last journal where I talked about feeling stuck and unmotivated. I really owe you all for encouraging me to find ways to get at least some motivation back - because I think it might've worked. I mean sure, we'll need to see if it also works long term, but I do feel a spark and my muse has at least woken from her coma ;)

So I've had an idea: why not have a stock use contest (possibly with a bit of a broad but hopefully inspiring theme)? If you feel like this could interest you - but maybe only under certain circumstances etc, please head on over to my poll and participate in the discussion via comments, too! Nothing is decided yet, but I do have some ideas :aww:

Stock Use Feature

The magic lake
Last song
Under on the moonlight
Parkside heath mist
Flores fructus
mt. laundria
Queen of the Unseelie
The Mysterious Sanctuary
Fallen Angel
Swingin on Stars
Land of Dragons
Lovely Dancer
The Guardian
Peace is my dream now!
Forbidden Crown
Falling into the Storm
Princess Emerald
Genesis Path
Witching Hour

Stock Feature

Lara Croft Stock (Tomb Raider)
Pink daisies
Tenerife Stock 334
Stock - red queen dynamic stand pose fantasy
Gas station (Night) V2
Tenerife Stock 343
Virginia 6
DSC 2587 Tokyo 7
Small Waterfalls and Lake
Stock Place 168
Stock Sunset
telescope 1
Pagan stock Close Up
urbex cinema 12
urbex Crypte 13
Stock 490 (Danube)
Stock 493 Ibex
FREE STOCK!  The Aliens are Back!
White Princess
DSC 2606 Tokyo 16
DSC 2575 Tokyo 1
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My deviantart activity is dead like my soul. Where the hell did all my watchers go? Do you guys not like my art anymore? Unfortunately my activity in art is so low due to me being very depressed but when I do post there are barely any people looking at my art now.

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:hug: yes, it is very easy to feel like whatever you upload, it doesn't get nearly as many views (and faves) as it used to. I have the same feeling and I think it's not just in our heads either. But what I see when I actually do come back frequently and start interacting again that there definitely are people here who care. Old acquaintances, but also a lot of new people who are as excited about are as I was when I first discovered dA - that makes me giddy with excitement and compensates for the lower rate of engagement many times over. In my mind at least it does, so I hope you can find this kind of spark here somewhere and that it can help you find some more joy in dA :heart: (I know depression is serious and won't be cured just by having a few more interactions online, but I hope that it could at least help in some small way)

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I think I accidentally commented on your post!

I was meant to make my own status post.

No wonder I couldn’t find the post.

I’m so sorry! 😂😓😓😓

I know this will sound confusing but I guess I don’t know how to use the new DA layout!

Thank you for the reply though!


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don't worry! I hope you feel better soon :hug:

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Thank you so much for including my work.

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Thanks for featuring my art and stock ❤️
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Thank you dear friend for your mention:hug:

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Thanks for featured,,, :hug: :love:

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thanks for the feature dear :hug:

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Thank you so much for the feature! :love: :hug:

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Thanks so much for including my work :heart:

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Thank you for including me! <3

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Thank you for including my work in your lovely feature :love: It's appreciated! :hug:

Flower Heart

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you are most welcome!

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Thank you for the feature dear!:heart:

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