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Hi there!


I hope you've been enjoying the stock I have uploaded - there will be more coming :D


Today I wanted to ask you something else though. You see, I used to write a lot of tutorials when I started this account and even before I started it. These days, I have various reasons not to do that as much as I used to:


Of course, there's the time issue. I am no longer a student and when I get home after 8 or more hours at work, I often feel drained and can't be bothered to do anything that needs a lot of concentration. But there's always weekends or holidays, so this is merely a constant inconvenience and not a "oh noes, I can't do it anymore at all" thing...

And then there's the issue of what to write about, and this is where I need your help. See, I used to often just explain stuff I had just discovered how to do it myself and those used to be rather straight forward things that were more or less easily put into a tutorial. For example, how to use layer masks or how to add borders.


Later, I added more complex tutorials, for example how to flood some ruins or how to add fire to an image as well as some walkthroughs (for example Walkthrough The Cathedral or Dark Wings Dark Words Evolution) and some "back to basics" ones about lighting (Lighting Tutorial One and Two) and the use of different tools or techniques (ex. Cutting Techniques, Pen Tool, Textures).


Lately I've been a bit uninspired for what to do next. I have started on a tutorial about depth of field in photography and photomanipulation that I will hopefully be able to finish (before Christmas at least ^^) and it reminded me of how much I love to do this and that I just need the right topics to get myself to work on a tutorial instead of my next manip.


My problem usually is that I find a topic that is interesting (to me at least) and then find out that it is so complex that I don't want to start on it - because the time constraints are still there and at that point I don't even know if someone would be interested in reading it (and it makes no sense to put in an insane amount of time for nothing).


And that's where you come in:


Is there something you would like to have explained?

Some more basics maybe (if so which ones) or a specific effect?


Please leave your comments on this journal and don't hestitate to add thumbs of deviations that include the effect you are after!

  • Just remember: I do my photomanips with photoshop, so that is what I can teach, nothing else. Also note that doing a complete walkthrough of one of my manips is very difficult for me, so if you want to know how I did something, please be specific so I know what to concentrate on :aww:
  • For a sample of my art, please visit kuschelirmel :heart:

Note: I am not doing this as a classic poll on purpose because I want your ideas and not just my ideas ranked without any explanation.


If you know someone who might be interested in adding his voice, please direct them here, the more the merrier!



New: Overview of my Tutorials

Since doing this journal I have also added another one. It's a collection of all my tutorials with a little explanation on each. At the bottom, I am collecting all your suggestions, too:

Overview: My TutorialsThis is an overview of the Photomanipulation / Photoshop Tutorials available in my Gallery. Some are a little old (still using PS7), but the principles are still valid (even though some of the really old ones may seem outdated aesthetically). Generally, the further down in each list, the newer the tutorials. Tutorials with this symbol youtube Icon  are video tutorials - the newer ones can also be found on my youtube channel.
As of April 2018, I have my own website where I will host all my tutorials in the future - I will also upload previews here, but on the BLOG everything will be up first :aww: So if you like, hop on over and if you are feeling super generous , I'd love to see you comment there, too. So far, there is no mailinglist or anything yet (gotta set everything up first, see how it goes), bu

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Hi there, I just stumbled upon your gallery today and it's awesome. Your tutorials are definitely what I need. I am new to photomanipulation so I really appreciated them.  I really suck at lighting and blending stuff together so your tuts related to it will be definitely helpful. 

Here are some of the things that I really want to have knowledge on: 

a. Painted skin effect

b. Blending models into the background- Please disregard if the Blending and Sewing Stuff is applicable to this one. 
c. Magical Glow effect

d. Editing and Retouching a dress- Like how to edit their colors without looking like crap and giving them another texture besides from the original one. And how to make them softer something.

e. How to Undress Models- I am not a perv but when I tried manipulating a mermaid, I had this challenge. My model stock was dressed and she's the perfect stock for what I had in mind. But because I don't know how to undress her, I have to look for a nude stock. 

f. Easier Way to Dodge and Burn- I've read tutorials on Dodge and Burn but for some reason, I just couldn't duplicate the effect. 

g. And lastly, how did you achieve this effect: It looks like an awesome movie poster.  It's very subtle and there's no way you can see that they're just images sewn together. 

h. How to piece stuff into a model- Ahm, like for example, I want to create Ursula and I want to put tentacles on her lower half body. How to do it without looking like a badly operated patient?  I admire this work of yours,  Very subtle transition. 

Hala, sorry if I sound like a demanding brat but there's just so many things needed to be learned when it comes to photomanipulation. I hope I don't add pressure on you.

Thanks once again for creating lots of wonderful tutorials. Continue being awesome, Jasmin. :D