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Walkthrough 'Perspective' 3

This is Part 3 of 3
Part 1
Part 2

This walkthrough is based on my image A Change of Perspective - Stock credits can be found there :aww:

I hope this helps some people...
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my perspective sucks so this will no doubt come in very handy :) thanks for the time & effort
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I dont know why, but I unable see larger image :(
Can you repost or maybe send it to my mail, please? :)
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What an extremely well thought out walk through. It is head and shoulders above what some call tutorials. Your patience in doing not only the original artwork, but adding a walk through of how you made it, is phenomenal. I wish everybody would put the time and energy into their tutorials. I haven't done many photomanipulations, especially with multiple photos blended, but you inspire me to go out and try it. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the rest of us.
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:blowkiss: thank you so much for your sweet comment - it brightened my day!
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Yes, well, it is only with your help and tutorials that my journal looks like anything other than boring. Thanks for all you do.
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Wow looks great :D
Can't wait to work myself through this.
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Great tutorial, especially since I also work a lot intuitively! Thanks for all the tricks and tips, I confess I wanted to do water once and since I'm no good painter either, I got a bit scared and run away :lol: I think I'll try again after this tutorial! ;) Thanks! :heart:
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
:hug: you're welcome - glad I could help a bit
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Thanks so much for your time and for sharing... I´ll try it out when I come back from holidays!!!! :sun:
A big kiss for you! :blowkiss:
Rantul's avatar
Very neat and useful tut. Thanks :)
gr8shiva's avatar
This series is just wonderful. You may not have intended it to be a tutorial, but I learned from it. Your process is very intuitive, like my own (altho different start points). Thank you for posting these. They are inspiring to me. New ideas poppin now!
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ton3's avatar
nice! thanks! ;)
Aphariel's avatar
I admire determination! :]
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