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That Painted Look - photomanip walkthrough

Learn how I create that painted look on my images: watch me blend in and light up the vial, change colours using different techniques (but not the Camera RAW filter like last time ;)), add hair, fix some flaws and adjust her eyes. And of course the finishing touches for that painted look.

This is a walkthrough for which I have recorded almost 2 hours of material while creating Poison - I am replaying it a bit faster so as not to bore you to death and narrating over it - sorry if I am off on a tangent sometimes :giggle: It's all part of the package though ;P

This is my entry to the Photomanip Tutorials Contest held by CRPhotomanipulation  :heart: 
For which I made 2nd place! :w00t: WINNERS of the Photomanip Tutorials Contest 

R E L A T E D artwork
Poison by kuschelirmel 

Full stock credits on the original artwork.
I would appreciate it if you did not simply recreate my art, but if you rather used the things you learn here to incorporate in your own art. I'd love to see if you do :heart:

More TUTORIALS, GUIDES and RESOURCES can be found on my BLOG
and of course here on my dA stock account

Overview Tutorials: 
Overview: My TutorialsThis is an overview of the Photomanipulation / Photoshop Tutorials available in my Gallery. Some are a little old (still using PS7), but the principles are still valid (even though some of the really old ones may seem outdated aesthetically). Generally, the further down in each list, the newer the tutorials. Tutorials with this symbol youtube Icon  are video tutorials - the newer ones can also be found on my youtube channel.
As of April 2018, I have my own website where I will host all my tutorials in the future - I will also upload previews here, but on the BLOG everything will be up first :aww: So if you like, hop on over and if you are feeling super generous , I'd love to see you comment there, too. So far, there is no mailinglist or anything yet (gotta set everything up first, see how it goes), bu

Comments are the ultimate compliment - they keep me going Heart
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Thank you so much Jasmin! I downloaded all of the stocks and followed along with your tutorial. It's amazing, and truly works! I'm not uploading the image, but I'm very proud of it! :heart: I learned several new techniques that I can incorporate into new composites.

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thank you so much! :love:I am thrilled to hear you could take some things and make them yous :heart:

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It is an honor to learn from you! 🥰🥰🥰

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I was actually looking for this kind of tutorial! Thanks so much! :3
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Congratulation :clap:

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Looks great to try ! I've never tried close up portrait tho, but I think it worth to try ! Thanks for sharing ! :D
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Ahhh I cannot wait until I am home and can watch this!
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You did a great job! Many people love portraits + paint over so for sure it will be usefull for many people
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:blowkiss: :hug: thanks so much dear!
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