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Stock Pack Template Tutorial

I was recently asked how I do my stock packs: how I choose the images and how I do the packs themselves. My first thought was “well, that’s easy!” but when I really thought about it, I had to admit that it may be easy for me now, but it probably wasn’t when I started with Photoshop or with providing stock...

This is my first "Stock Tips & Tricks" so feedback is even more important now than with the manip tuts as I have no idea if this really is useful or not...

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts :heart:
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Thanks! You helped me come up with this: Shell Ship Package by CharmyRaven

The FAQ section on DA is almost useless for looking this up.
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I'm very glad I was able to help :love: looks great btw!
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Thanks for helping others. :)
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I've been thinking about providing some stock, this will help if I do
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that sounds great! hope this helps :love:
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My pack with the help of this tutorial

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glad to see it was helpful! :blowkiss:
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My first pack, with the help of your tutorial, thank you.

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thank you, very very helpful
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very nice. I love the art direction on this. Is clear, functional
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so very helpful. Thank you!
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Thanks a lot for this interesting tutorial :bow: :iconasnowmanplz:
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Thank you for your beautiful tutorial.
I just wanted to show you, how mine turned out, so please take a look.. [link]
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this looks very professional!!:)
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This is awesome thank you! Now if I can just get a zip file to upload for me.
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Thankyou so much for the tutorial!
With your help, I created this as a stock pack.
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Thank you so much! :smooch:

You inspired me to make my own pack [link] !
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I have a question: what about your PC? How do you keep things organized?
I am trying to ddo it, but I kinda suck at that, because i'm hesitant between putting all the human stock photos in one folder (same as other types of stock) or to keep them separated by creator. Other example: when a creator has various kinds of stocks (cats, gates, humans, books,...), always get stuck if put them in different folders according to subject or keeping everything inside the artist's name.
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I always keep them seperate by creator and those folders I put in three main folders according to the stock artist's rules (one is for unrestricted stock, one is for "prints on dA ok" and one for "ask before printing"). If you want to have some help in sorting the images themselves by topic, you could add tags to them in Adobe Bridge so you can search in the bridge for those tags without having to relocate images from their creator folders (I hope that made sense)
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(thank you so much for the reply ^.^ )
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