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Setting a Mood -Video Tut- Pt2

:pointr: PART 2 of two - first one is here!
:pointr: Corresponding PSD File is here

I hope this is useful and I'm not rambling too much. Please let me know what you think - it makes putting in the effort so much more rewarding :heart:

DON'T press download, it'll screw up the aspect ratio and look like shit instead of letting you actually download the file.

I go through the stacked layers of my latest digital duel piece "Mermaid" - I am leaving many things out, for example what a blend mode is and how to add and use adjustment layers, because I have already covered all those things in my monstrous Darkroom Tutorial. I also don't even mention the layer masks that you can see in the layers palette - again, there's a tutorial I've done solely for that. It can be found here.

Photoshop Version:
Photoshop CS3 Extended - but any version or program will do that can deal with blend modes.

File Size:
Too big for one upload - hence there are two. Both are just short of 20MB big - so be patient when it loads.

First part 5 1/2 minutes, second one 6 minutes

Stock used in this piece was from *mjranum-stock, *night-fate-stock as well as *nighty-stock and my own.

PS: German accent, for those who wonder ;P
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awwww *blushes* thank you! :heart:
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Bad thing tho I don't have a waco brush... :/
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Awesome. Thank you for taking your time to share your knowledge!
Nice video...thanks!!! I am going to try this!
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Wonderful tutorial with some very good tips, especially with the complimentary shadows and lights. I've always gone crazy painting them, but this makes it so much easier. :)

And hey. I may not be able to talk here, being German myself, but except for a few brief moments I barely noticed any German accent at all. Zänk ju fohr dis tjutorjal! ;)
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:giggle: sänk ju weri matsch!
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Jur wällkom. (Is it bad that this cracks me up time and again?)

Also, uhm, a question. I'm stuck with PS7, so couldn't help but compare the features that were visible in your vid, and am wondering what the 'Analysis' menu does and what sort of function it serves. What does it do? :D (And in general, would you say CS3 is worth getting, comparing its functionality and that of earlier versions?)
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cracks me up every time, too :D

I've no idea what that analysis thingy is - but there are tons of features that make upgrading to cs3 worth it, especially compared to ps7:
:bulletblue: it can stitch your panoramas automatically (and it does it really well, too)
:bulletblue: in the edit>transform feature there's the "warp" feature included with which you can do really cool things
:bulletblue: that quick selection tool can come in handy (see video tut)
:bulletblue: if you like to use adjustment layers, cs3 maes your life easier by not forcing you to double click each time you want to alter the settings
:bulletblue: there's more, but I can't remember atm ;P
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Thank you so much - those definitely are reasons to upgrade. I better start saving. :D
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Hi!! You make awesome and very understandable tutorials^^ I've tried it here [link]
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Really gorgeous job!! Thank you for the inspiration!!
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very great, learned a few stuff i didn't know, thanks a lot!
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
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Great work, thank you for sharing! :D
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
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Aw, what a great walk-through tutorial. :excited:

Gorgeous work - it's always so interesting to see how artists work, set their images up. A lot of people "hoard" their work, how they do things, so when I see someone who isn't shy about sharing and helping, it makes me like them so much more.

By the by, cute accent. =P
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:glomp: thank you!

I wouldn't want to reveal absolutely everything any more, especially since that wouldn't be possible, not even on video. But I do love to share because that is how I learned in the first place. I just try to avoid giving the kind of tutorial that will leave the viewer going "now i can replicate this - cool!" because I do not want people to start replicating what I do and instead I hope I can help them find out more about the tools at their disposal so they can find their own style eventually :aww:
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Very useful, especially with layer stacking and the "grounding" of the mermaid element with colours other than pure black for the shadow. Likewise the hint to not use pure white for the stars, etc.
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glad my babbling is of some use! :heart:
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Lovely explanation :aww: really makes me want to go and manip something :D :hug:
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
:glomp: :hug: then go and do eet! ;P
bluem00n's avatar
I don't do manips for a reason - I can't get the um.. hang of it? Like, with a clean sheet of paper I can imagine a whole world but I think it takes someone extra ordinary to use images made by others.. I just can't visualise it, I suppose =P
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
:giggle: for me it's the other way around: a blank canvas kills me ^^
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