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Scorpion RAW

This is the basis for a template - it's what you get when you apply no custom divs to the body.
The enhanced version can be found here [link]

Just download the zip file and follow the instructions in the read_me_first file :aww:

This belongs to the tutorial Journal CSS Part 1
Part 2 will deal with the custom divs ;)

Feel free to use, abuse, change, do whatever - just don't claim the unaltered thing as being yours.
And if you wanna show me how you've changed it, I'd love to see :flirty:

Images taken by myself.

Rules are in my journal
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Totally used it.
Awesomez, you're my hero, Ma'am.

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:clap: I use it (I'm scorpion ;))
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For anyone who is trying to decide on how to go about creating a custom css layout for their Journal this is clear concise usable information!

Thank you for the tutorial thanks to you I was able to do some quick css changes while waiting for someone to call around. you can see the results here [link] let me know what you think :)

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I'm glad I was able to help!
it looks great!
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Thanks and thanks :)

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i used this and 3 other css tutorials to learn myself css.

this was the fair best if you can somewhat something before :)

and i made my journal following your guide :)
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great to hear I could help!
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I love you TT^TT Thank you so much. (:
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yuju porfin XD podre poner journal nice jaja :P nise pake es jaja xD
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
I'll just take this to mean you like it :confused:
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definatley going to use/change :D

is that alright?
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as long as you don't manipulate the pictures provided it's okay.
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Thanks to you and ^thespook I ve got a cool new journal :D thanks (again) :cuddle:
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Your tutorial, and your code, has helped me a lot. I have many things to improve, still, but anyway.

You've made me happy!

(If you wanna take a look at my (modification of this) journal... [link])
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This is just what I needed! Thank you so much!
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you're most welcome!
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Your CSS code modified with my header and footer images.

I found the accompanying tutorial very informative and look forward to working on those custom divs with Part Two.
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looks cool! glad i could help :aww:
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That's great! I started reading your tutorial, but juste ended up downloading this and changing header and footer :blushes:

but I'll definitely try to personnalise it more (once I get the header to show properly :p)
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'bout time. :giggle:
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