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Scorpion FULL

This is the full template - to get the most out of a template like this, you'll need to do some coding within your journal or the custom divs are useless and all you get is a basic layout like the one that can be found here Scorpion RAW

EDIT: To make the right colum work properly in IE as well, add position:relative; to the div called .right - I'll update the file to reflect this asap!

Just download the zip file and follow the instructions in the read_me_first file :aww:

This belongs to the tutorial Journal CSS Part 2
which deals with custom divs.

Feel free to use, abuse, change, do whatever - just don't claim the unaltered thing as being yours.
And if you wanna show me how you've changed it, I'd love to see :flirty:

Images taken by myself.

Rules are in my journal
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I love the style of this skin, because it uses styling I am trying to work with. Unfortunately when I try to float a div it isn't working. [link]

Nice job with this though, its well done.
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ummm how do you get the CSS code?
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Hi. You've got a very nice tutorial. C:

I just thought I'd share this one I did and modified it to personalize with my own: [link]

I was having a little problem with the right sidebar, and instead, left without a divider for it. But thanks again for your wonderful tutorial!
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looks great! lovely colour combo!
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Thanks, I appreciate it. :hug: :)
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Hello, I downloaded your joal skin,edited it and well I tried putting your credit on but it wo't show. :( You may look at my journal now but it says someone else created the journal. I think it was the journal i had before... -new to this-
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i modified your skin! this is really a lovely skin. im not yet done with it. your name is not yet there :) but for sure, i will make it tomorrow. i promise.

i need to rest now. thanks and cheers! :D

check my journal now ^______^
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Thank you so much for this layout! :hug: I was able to finally make my own skin (with your help of course) Here it is if you want to see it! [link]
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Ich hab mir wieder eines deiner Jornals geschnappt und das ist bei meinen anfänglichen Basteleien rausgekommen: [link]
Creditet habe ich, wenn auch nur namentlich. Ich hoffe das geht in Ordnung!
Schönes Jornal!
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I've been using this css for quite a while, Thanks!
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After several hours and mild blindness, I have managed to make a CSS from yours. :D You can find it here: [link]

You are too kind to go through the trouble to put this up for those of us who don't know a thing about CSS. It probably cuts back on people asking you to make custom, but it is still amazing the amount of work you put into this to make it so easy to follow. You are awesome in my book. :nod: :D
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Thanks! I'm doing a custom CSS for my journal for the first time, and this came as a big help. It's basically regular CSS, but it was good to see what I can and can't do. I'll definitely show you what you helped to create...
...once I create it. X3
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great to hear it's useful! :love: I'm excited to see what you'll come up with.
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Yes, I'm working furiously.. Unfortunately, I can't spend all day on it because I already started school, so I'm limited in my time... I hope to have everything done tonight. X3
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Very nice CSS!
I loved it so much that I did my best to adapt it to my own Journal. Here is the result: [link]
I am giving credit to you. :)

Greetings from Costa Rica!
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Hi, use this here: [link]
thank U so much for the help:) understand a bit more how to make CSS too DA!
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Didn't tweak it. Just different images! =]
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Thank you for the template I've changed it quite a bit but I've given you credit for the css of course! I may tweak it a little bit more but nothing too fancy or I may leave it as it is you can view the changes to you here: [link]

Thanks for making this available:)
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
you're welcome!
thanks for the link!
*goes to look*
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Thanks again your css was really very helpful to a beginner like me! I'm very grateful for it.:hug:
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superschön ... ich hab grade ne subscription bekommen ... ich glaub ich tests mal aus ^^
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