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Quick Selections in Photoshop

:bulletblue: Contents:
Shows how to use the Magic Wand and Quick Selection Tools in Photoshop - nothing fancy, just some basics and some tips & tricks.

:bulletblue: Photoshop Version:
The Photoshop version used in this video is CS4, but it'll work in older versions, too - the Magic Wand tool is present at least from PS7 upward, the Quick Selection Tool was introduced in Photoshop CS or CS2, I'm not sure. Layer Masks are also an older feature. If in doubt, press F1 and ask your Photoshop help file.

:bulletblue: File Size + Length:
35 Mb, so be patient. Don't press download, it'll screw with the aspect ratio! It's a little under 9 mins long.

:bulletblue: Stock
Statue stock from *CAStock; Flower my own, available here.

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annamae22's avatar
this was awesome, I really appreciate learning your tips. thanks
LittleKatt's avatar
This tutorial is quite detailed, and well explained, but your pronounced stuttering and hesitations sometimes detract from what you're saying. If it can help, perhaps you could write out a script before ?
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
you do realize how old this video is, don't you?
LittleKatt's avatar
Oh ? Well, I suppose there's no reason for improvement then. Thanks again for your efforts.
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
maybe I have already improved a little - but without you taking a look at my newer videos (from last week for example), you can hardly give me tips, wouldn't you say?
LittleKatt's avatar
Then I shall take a look. I was trying to watch things in an orderly manner. From simpler to more complicated.
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
and if on the newer ones there's things to improve, please do tell me (just keep in mind that I'm not a native speaker)
Thank you so much for these tutorials!
I can only imagine how time-consuming it is to create all these wonderful tutorials, and I wanted to leave a note saying they are really helpful and very much appreciated. Thank you for explaining things so well for us Photoshop newbies. Echt, vielen Dank. :)
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
thank you for taking the time to leave a comment - comments like this make it all worthwhile :love:
jezebe11e's avatar
:love: I've been cutting out the hard way for years! Thanks so much for this!
MarcoHerrera's avatar
Very useful..Thanks!!
PASOV's avatar
First, I have to say that it's a great tutorial
but, I'm right now using cs2 v9 and I can't find the quick selection tool
I mean, there is no little arrow next to the wand, which is here hopefully
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
it's still in the same spot though, you just need to right-click on the wand (though the wand may look a little different as they may have done some redesigning of the icons - if you can't find the quick selection tool, press f1 and put it into the help file search -- it'll show you where it's hiding)
PASOV's avatar
i upgraded to cs5 so that there's no problem at all
but I insist, in that version I used of cs2, there was no quick selection tool (and I tried to right click and all this .. well there wasn't even this little arrow on the bottom right corner of the wand spot you know ? so I guess I had an obselete version ...)
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
maybe they just put it in in the next version (CS3 or 4 or whatever) :shrug: I do not know.
great tutorial!
very useful
Love you!
more please!
ArtAndStock's avatar
und nochmals: danke :D
ArtAndStock's avatar
weißt du zufällig, ob ich einzelne, neue tools in ältere photoshop versionen laden kann?
das quick selection tool gibts erst ab cs3, ich habe cs2.
ich bezweifle es eigentlich aber blöd fragen kann man ja mal ^^'
psdfreak's avatar
Thorvold's avatar
Fantastic tutorial. Thank you for making it and posting it. You're a life saver. :peace:
SamanthaLenore's avatar
This is very helpful. I often avoid using these tools because I just don't feel that I get the control I need, but you have shared a lot of great pointers here, and I think I will have to give it a go again. Thanks so much for sharing and for presenting the tutorial in such a wonderfully user friendly format.
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