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Photomanipulation Brushes

These may need a little explanation, because these are not really any fancy brushes, they are merely the ones I use the most in my manips. The second from the top is my fave brush of all time, but it's nothing but a hard round brush with a few settings put in. Anyway, the point of uploading these is to give you a set of brushes that can help you with your manips / when following my tutorials and to show you that it's not the millionth brush you download that will make your art great, but how you use your favourite ones -- and whether these will be a part of those is completely up to you.

I hope you'll have fun with these - please show me what you create with them :heart:

These were created in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and I think they will work in all CS Versions of Photoshop, but I DO NOT KNOW! I have no clue if it will work in any otherprogram either. When in doubt, download and try it out.

Note Help:
Download and unzip to get the abr file
:bulletblue: How to install, use, create brushes:
:pointr: More Photoshop Brushes (PS7 and up) here

:bulletred: By downloading, you agree to abide by my rules (on my front page is a condensed version and here is the full journal) - I do not want to find them elsewhere on the web, redistributed in packs or what not!
:bulletred: No stock from stock, no premades, no redistribution!!!

M O R Eb r u s h e s

Bokeh Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock Tree Silhouette Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock Star Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock 

For even more Photoshop brushes, visit my brush collection
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Hi there! I used your amazing stock here:

No One's Princess by Portraitofafool

Thank you so much for all you do. :D
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Hey thank you! I'm really trying to up my manipulaion skills and having a defined set of brushes that I know are useful for those specific, common processes in manips is super helpful. Many thanks. Also eyeing the thumbnails of your other brushes up there, going to have to check those out, they all look cool. 
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:thumbsup: you are most welcome! :love:
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Interesting :iconinterestingplz:Gonna have to try these out ;)
So far, looking at the links people have posted, these brushes look like a must have.

PS = That conversation below :XD: Nice one.
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Do you know where I can find some condensation brushes?
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how about you use the search box on dA?
IronBloodAika's avatar
Tried that. No luck.
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
let me get my crystal ball... oh damn, it's in the repair shop. you'll have to redo your search with different parameters, maybe search elsewhere :wow:
IronBloodAika's avatar
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
"please do the work for me"-questions tend to have that effect on me; especially if the are asked by someone who I do not know even in passing and who can't even be bothered to leave an actual comment on the brushes that I do offer.
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Sorry, but I'm looking for particular brushes for a friend and I'm not an experienced artist so I've never looked for brushes before so I have to defer to the knowledge of those who DO know about them. So pardon me for my lack of knowledge in a field I know nothing about, but I'm in no mood for sass or bullshit, especially when I'm doing a favor for a friend.
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And I'm not in the mood for people randomly using me as their yellow pages without even having the courtesy to leave a compliment on what I do provide (for free I might add) or (oh gosh) saying please. Or at least asking me in a note instead of using one of my deviations as their personal forum space. It's rude how everyone seems to think that if you provide one thing for free, you sit here and just wait for folks to ask you about everything remotelyconnected, or completely unrelated - cos hey, why not? Easier than doing the legwork yourself. Because iIf you had searched properly (and I mean using different search words than "condensation" - how about "dew", "water", "water drops",...???!!!) you most certainly would have found something. But you rather spend your time putting up a journal and randomly commenting on brushes. I don't care if you do it for yourself or a friend or your grandma. It still feels like you're leeching time. Which incidentally I have now spent giving you first a hard time and then the key to what you wanted in the first place. Could've done so immediately, but this way, I get to rant and drive you a little nuts (hopefully). And I get to vent my frustration publicly about how some folks are just too lazy or unimaginative or what-have-you to figure out how to search for brushes by themselves.
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Used your stock here…. Thank you for wonderfull stock! :squee::squee::squee:
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Used here: [link]
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The normal paintbrush is literally the best brush of all time. XD
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thanks you for sharing <3
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WOW La la la la thank you so much honey!! I'll give these a try! Tight Hug 
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