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Mary had a little Lamb - time lapse

Video without audio - I trust you to be able to put your own stereo on ;)

This is basically a first test for the software, chronolapse (it's free and really nice). With it you can take a screenshot every few seconds and then compile a time lapse video from those.
The first minute of the vid is one shot every 30 seconds, the second minute 1 shot/ 5 s (which I think is too slow / boring) and the rest was 1 shot / 10 seconds... Maybe somewhere between 10 and 30 would be ideal - what do you think?
Oh and think I should try to do something with my desktop area - either cut the side from the finished screens or work on a different area to show more, I don't know yet. I'm open to suggestions though.

All in all, I think it's fun to be able to watch these kinds of things (even though I guess the tutorial aspect might be debatable - I put it in the tutorial category because I wouldn't know where else it could go). What is your opinion?

Purple Square Bullet Purple Square Bullet Purple Square Bullet Real Time ~ 5 h (without searching for stock)

Purple Square Bullet Purple Square Bullet Purple Square Bullet A R T W O R K
at my art account:

Mary Had A Little Lamb by kuschelirmel

Please find the stock credits there!
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Huggle! thank you so much!
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VEry awesome!! Yeah I love this, I think we got something awesome here. I have always done these type of things for the guys I mentor, but yeah it;s awesome to do this for every work, I think one can learn a lot already by just watching something like this.
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That was absolutely wonderful.
Thanks for sharing it!
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:hug: you are most welcome!
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This is cool! How did you upload a video like this?
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:hug: thanks!

you have to be a member of the film community - you can become one by being invitet or by applying, see FAQ #830: How do I submit Film?
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This timelapse software is very interesting, thanks for showing it. I might give it a try.
But I find myself wishing there was a single-frame advance in the control options. I like to follow processes and a video skips along too fast to truly see what is going on with your settings and tool selections. I tried pausing but that is not as fine-tuned as a 'go forward or back one frame' control would be.
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I guess it's too tiny to see anything anyway - my desktop is 2560 x 1440 px and when scaled down to what you see here, you can't see much anyway ^^;

but I'm also in the process to get video recording software installed again and I plan on doing some video tutorials - or rather my ramblings on tape I guess ;)
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rather my ramblings on tape I guess ;) (Wink)

Some peoples ramblings have value to others :)
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:blush: we will see - if I can get the software to work the way I think it should, you'll get a chance to test your theory soonish ;)
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Wish this worked on the Mac. Oh well. 
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This is a great teaching/learning tool! I have to go check it out. I've used Camtasia, but that only works in real-time. Watching me paint in real time is like watching the grass grow...
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yeah, no one could bear watching me fiddle for 5 hours either :giggle:
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