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ManipT+T- - Over-Painting Hair

About the tutorial:
Cutting out hair and retouching it so it will look believable in its new environment is one of the trickiest tasks photomanipulation has to offer. This is my feable attempt at showing my way of retouching/repainting hair - it is not the only way to do this and it probably isn't the most effective either. Nevertheless I hope that you'll be able to find some useful information in here that will help you find your way of retouching hair.

Model from ~xn3ctz

:bulletblue: I would appreciate it if you'd let me see what you've created - I'm curious like that.
:bulletblue: Comments & Feedback always welcome :heart:

All images used are my own.

R E L A T E Dt u t o r i a l s

:dalove: More Tutorials

R E L A T E Db r u s h e s
:pointr: you'll need to adjust these to the settings mentioned in the tuutorial to get decent results for painting!
:dalove: More Brushes

R E L A T E Da r t

:dalove: More Art
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vLine-Designs's avatar
I was searching for such tutorial :D I'll try it! :)
Innfhinithydesigns's avatar
thanks for sharing !!
Isalline's avatar
Thank you so much for your tuto ! It's the first time that I understand how to proceed ! :hug:
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
Majesty203's avatar
this tutorial is really a gift for me! thanks for sharing!
i really can learn much from you!

you are amazing :rose:
Branawen's avatar
thanx for sharing your knowledge with us! I will treasure the whole gallery!
keep on shining for us :sun:
unmerwe's avatar
will be helpful..many thanks!
Midori-omoi's avatar
Thanks for sharing, :heart: I've always found it interesting how other people do the same processes. :) And on that note I think that the final piece that you created was amazing and very dynamic.
FantasyStock's avatar
Happy Resources Week! This resource has been featured in my journal here: [link]
Pol3cat's avatar
Great tutorial. Thanks :)
incomitatum's avatar
Yes, you are right amixl. This is a great feat: sharing wisdom. However this is a tutorial on making hair look better, not on making weird looking chicks beautiful. :)
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
so every "weird chick" needs to be made to look beautiful? I so hope I misunderstood your comment...
Blubirdss's avatar
It's kind of you taking patience to share your ideas :)...the tutorial is well explained,i mean in detail [though i couldn't read completely but i guess...] and thanks for the brushes.But the model is...
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
have you ever stopped to think before posting this comment? I comes across as pretty arrogant and - if one were so inclined - it could even be construed as being downright insulting toward the model. I just hope that that was not what you meant. If it was, let me tell you this: the model - or any female in a picture - does not exist solely to be pleasing to your eyes. And neither does art in general or the piece of art this tutorial was based off in particular. So next time, think before you comment.
lindseyshemwell's avatar
Dude, chill out.... I hardly think a comment that starts out as "It's kind of you taking patience..." is arrogant. If anything you sound more arrogant than amixl.
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
I told him/her just how it came across to me when he/she left his/her last sentence hanging there as if to say "wow, what an ugly chick" - which if it was meant that way definitely would be insulting to the model and had nothing to do with the tutorial itself (and not with the praise to it either). I also said that I hope that I had misinterpreted and if I did I would have hoped to be told -- but by amixl him/herself, because only he/she would be able to clear this up.

I think it's admirable that you tried to stand up for someone like you did, but I hope you can see now with the explanation that the situation was actually not one where it was needed.
Blubirdss's avatar
I'm really sorry,hopefully that you forgive for my ignorance :(
kuschelirmel-stock's avatar
:heart: thank you for accepting my comment
Blubirdss's avatar
I commented in a sense that models or arts which pleases the senses are acceptable and it is all art is meant for,[that is my thought..] but how ever it was not my business to comment on model's look.And if in any case i'm wrong it's not difficult to apologize :)
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