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Manip Tips + Tricks - Shadows


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Soooo, another Tips & Tricks Tutorial :D This time trying to answer the often asked question "where the heck do I put those shadows - and how?!" Well, it IS one of the trickiest things in photomanipulation and I hope I can help you figure some of it out with this tutorial. Though I have to say that a LOT about where to put shadows and how pronounced they should be is gut-feeling-based and you need to practice practice practice to get that gut feeling.

Note on the content: I show you one way to make shadows when they are that kind of drop-shadow you get when the sun is super low -- in other light situations, you will seldom be able to do the fill-transform-flip trick. These other situations have much more to do with guessing shadows as a "pool of darkness" as I refer to it in the tutorial. For a pointer on where to put these, you should visit Veradaine's "The Shadows and Glows Tutorial" - and don't turn around just because you find yourself looking at a horse manip ;P

What has helped me a lot when I started out was a bunch of people in the deviantArt chatrooms who were always willing to give me pointers on the spot (and without the need for writing long winded comments). There was always someone who could tell me "that shadow looks off" and if they didnt know why themselves, there surely was someone else there who did. Or we'd play "guess the right shadow" until it did fit (mostly anyway). You can find the chatrooms here: chat.deviantart.com/ though I cannot promise you it's still the same as when I last checked in (yes, I'm old, I haven't been chatting in years).

Or you can do it more traditionally and upload your deviation and ask for critique (maybe specifically ask if the shadows are ok, if someone can give you pointers on that particular aspect). Often people tell me they don't like to give critique to strangers because it has happened (to me, too, btw) that once you tell them what is wrong, even if you do it in the nicest way you can think of (which may sometimes lack some finesse, but anyway), they'll tear you a new one. And that's then the end of that. So please, be gracious about it even if you don't like the tone. Remember they took time to help you out and as long as it's not blatantly insulting, you should be able to take a critique like a (wo)man, eh? No one says you need to follow every bit of advice, you know, but you don't need to tell the critiquer that you won't follow it (period!), do you?

This tutorial took hours to put together, so I would very very much (pretty please with a cherry on top?) like to have some feedback on the tutorial itself, on its application,... anything!

I can't wait to see what you will do with this!

Bullet; Purple  I have a collection for images done using my tutorials (and that credit the tut) here - I hope we can fill it some more!

Tutorial created using Adobe Photoshop CS5 - should work in any version that has Smart Objects (and if it doesn't, I mention a workaround, too).

I am currently having a Photomanipulation Contest

with the theme "Brave New World" on my art account kuschelirmel - it runs until March 31st 2017 and the prizes are awesome! (Lots of points and stock to win!)
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My tutorials are not to be distributed in part or in full. Do not upload them elsewhere! Link people here instead. No exceptions! I do not allow translations either, simply because I cannot check the quality of the translation when I don't speak the language. Plus, these tuts take a lot of work and all I want in return is a little feedback and credit.
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Wow, thanks so much for this very rich tutorial! 💜